Be the positive energy this year: 2023: Boost your mood at work

What you need to know:

2023: Let the New Year be New You this year; less sulking, less whining and less incompetence. Find ways to boost your mood at the workplace.

The New Year comes with it a feeling of newness and fresh beginnings.

It could be in the way you strategise, handle schedules or even the rapport you build with clients and colleagues.

Whichever it is, you may consider a few laid back or casual approaches to achieve a good level of productivity on the job.

Here are a number of ways simple distractions can enhance feelings of positivity and rejuvenation for most employees.

 According to Miriam Tusubira, a founder of Info Trust Property Consultants, a break at work ignites relief and reduces feelings of anxiety.

“A funny video watched off one’s phone can release oxytocin hormones which act on the brain and enhance relaxation,” she says, and encourages employees to enjoy a good laugh during work breaks, which could also be in the form of a casual discussion or comedy session or movies.

It is appropriate, however, to regulate the time such short breaks are used.

“There are office hours that are less occupied than others and should be treated responsibly as one is expected to remain productive at work amid such distractive sessions.”

 Ritah Opio, a businesswoman, recommends an inspiration video as a tool that boosts creativity among employees.

“If a video is sharing a success story of a hardworker, it will sink into one’s mind and create a positive mindset on the job,” she tips.

She adds that such motivational stories have a grip on one’s thinking and enable them divert their lives off their own hustle and focus on another’s.

Miriam also believes that reading a book or a video game will improve one’s innovation skills.

“Some of these games or office puzzles or quizzes enhance inventive thinking, where one can easily think outside the box at work,” she shares.

 Rachael Nanyonjo, a human resource manager at Global Health Uganda, says short breaks contribute to mental wellness.

“Personally, whenever I feel fatigued or unrest on the job, I take a five minutes’ walk within the premises and chat with colleagues, which helps me loosen up and build better focus at work,” she shares.

Nanyonjo says heavy workload easily causes inconsistencies, inefficiencies and ineffectiveness as they drain humanity.

The expert recommends a short break in order to keep momentum and reboots one’s focus on the job as it refreshes and re-energises one to produce better results.

Harman Magoma of Blonde Establishment Limited encourages short breaks that create humour and liveliness among employees.

“These short activities such as selfies and Tik Tok video posts or Snapchats, improve the regenerative capacity and boost one’s morale on the job,” he says.


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