How do I ensure a smooth return to working from office?

Saturday April 03 2021
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Jane Muiruri

By Jane Muiruri

Dear Jane,

I recently got a new job and by the time the first coronavirus case was reported, I was still a newbie. Shortly afterwards, the government advised employees to work from home and since then, I have never stepped in the office. I am now tired and bored of working remotely. I hadn’t even been assigned a work station. So how will I prepare for my return to the office?

Dear Ronald,

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, remote working is now a reality. However, this new mode of working has come with its share of challenges. Working from home might end up becoming the norm, so it is critical for both employers and employees to adapt to this phenomenon.

Employees need to be disciplined and dedicated in their work so that they remain productive even while working from home. Additionally, the employer should provide the necessary technological infrastructure, and human resource partners need to ensure that all members know what is expected of them even as they work from home.

Getting a new job is always exciting since one gets to interact with new colleagues in a new environment, but you didn’t get this opportunity, which may have dampened your spirit.


What is making you detest working from home? Is it the environment or do you lack the necessary resources? Might you be overworking and suffering from burnout? Have you talked with your supervisor about this issue?

Try having virtual meetings with your supervisor and team members more often so that you foster a good working relationship as you prepare to return to the office. Take time to understand your department’s objectives and how you could help your colleagues achieve those goals.

 Enjoy the flexibility of working from home, and be careful not to overwork by taking breaks in between the day. Avoid obsessing over the issue of office space and furniture. When the time comes to return to the office, it will be your supervisor’s responsibility to ensure you settle in well.

For now, try to get your feet properly under the table and focus on meeting our objectives regardless of where you are working from. See the glass as half full and not half empty by taking the opportunity to learn a new skill and to save for the expenses you will incur when you resume work.

Jane Muiruri,

Senior HR Manager,

Nation Media Group