I have failed to get virtual meetings right

Friday December 04 2020
By Caroline Mboijana

Dear Caroline, 
Since we started working from home. I have done a number of disastrous video conferences. As humans, we were not ready and thus lack some virtual conferencing etiquette. I have found myself wearing statement T-shirts and before you know everyone is going on about the shirt or  a provocative portrait. Are there any guidelines to get through these things? Ritah.

Hello Ritah,
The lockdown period resulted in many employers changing the way we work etc including forcing employees to work from home. It’s had both merits and challenges. 

Certainly, it’s caused many to move out of their comfort zones, into a zone where there is a bigger appreciation of technology and to driven many to think about how we use technology to deliver our work. 

Working from home has caused many to ask the question, what are the best tools to use in order to be more efficient? What can be affordable  and what is prohibitive? 

 We’ve had to take a step back and take ownership of our own self learning since “traditional approach to learning” in workshops, classrooms etc are no longer practical.

 I think you’re on the right track in as far as recognising  you have to up your skills and abilities so you can actually participate in some of these online meetings, presentations etc. 

As we started the lockdown and the urgency for the use of technology was front and centre,  many people were overwhelmed with choices that had to be taken in terms of what skills do I need to have in order to use the different apps, what do the apps have to offer etc .


 It is important you take time and think about what is required and then decide what type of skills is need to be enhanced or developed from scratch. There is no point up-skilling yourself in an area that is not applicable to your work. 

Many of the skills being developed are critical for application while at work as well as in your own time. 

For example, you’ll use zoom both for office meetings as well  family sessions. The skills required are the same as well as the expected behaviours, though on a family forum it is more relaxed. 

The great thing about  this period is we have access to learning modules on the internet and they are free. YouTube is a great example, you need to decide what you want to learn and then make the time to actually learn.

Caroline Mboijana,
Managing Director,
The Leadership Team (U)