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I have been successful in my job hunting and have passed two rounds of assessments with an exciting but different business

Dear Caroline,

I have been in my role as a senior manager for the last four years. Over the previous six months, I have also been looking for a new role that excites and energises me as I feel my growth is stagnant.   I have been successful in my job hunting and have passed two rounds of assessments with an exciting but different business. They have called me back to meet the board. At the same time, I am being offered a promotion to a director level position with my current employer.  I now have a decision to make. How do I make the right decision?


Hello Mark, this is an excellent problem to have and congratulations on being in such high demand. In deciding how to move forward, you need to go back and think about a few issues. The first question is, what motivated you to start looking for an alternative job? Does this new job provide you with the opportunities you are looking for, and does it resolve any of the hindrances in your current role? In essence, what are the pros and cons of moving or staying? Once you’ve clearly defined your list of pros and cons, the following question is what are the differences in the roles on offer and do these roles address your pros and cons list? Another aspect to consider is, of course, the benefits. While many will look at the transactional benefits, my advice is to look at the bigger picture regarding your professional growth and career. With each of the roles, you will have opportunities, and the question is how these opportunities will elevate you to become a better professional. As you review and answer the questions, please also consider the impact these changes will have on your family.

While the above look at the issue from your perspective, consider the view of the two organisations and what impact you want to leave or have on them. It’s crucial that as you make the decisions think about what type of relationship you want to have with either organisation. If you decide to move on, how do you want to be remembered for your contribution and, critically, how do you want to maintain the professional relationship? At the level you seem to be functioning, it’s not as easy as let me move on. The professional networks and self-branding are critical, the circles in which organisations operate are linked, and all top executives speak to one another even if they are competitors. Therefore, think critically about your exit. The same thinking applies to the organisation you may turn down; how do you communicate with them professionally and respectfully. This is a tough decision, and my advice is to think of your long terms vision.

Good Luck.

Caroline Mboijana,

Managing Director, The Leadership Team (U) [email protected]


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