Should I accept a job from the company that fired me?

Friday March 26 2021
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Jane Muiruri


Dear Jane,
I was fired from my position six months ago, and that sudden move hurt me deeply because there was no clarity in my dismissal letter. 
My line manager evaded all my attempts to understand what the issue was. I recently got an email saying that I have been rehired by the same organisation. Should I take the position?  Dedan

Dear Dedan, 
Your employer contravened the employment Act which clearly stipulates that a disciplinary process must be instituted to give the employee an opportunity to defend themselves, and also to get the facts right to facilitate an informed decision. 

Depending on the severity of the offence, one can either be paid in lieu of notice and all the days worked, or dismissed summarily, in which case they will only be entitled to payment for the days worked. In your case, you are not even sure why you were let go.
You must seek to understand the reason that decision was made. If you don’t, a similar thing can happen or you will forever live in fear because you will have permitted your supervisor to make such impactful decisions without following due process and without explanation.

Is your supervisor still at the organisation? Did you appeal the dismissal? If you will still report to the same boss, note that you might be frustrated, especially if the decision to reinstate you was made by another manager. 
Are you willing to go through the same frustrations? It could be that the organisation realised its mistake and your bosses have since seen your value and contribution. So, if you will have a different supervisor, or if the previous one is willing to bury the hatchet, then you can consider the offer.
The organisation needs to rescind your dismissal in writing, for future reference. 
You should then be paid the full salary for the period you were away, including all benefits. 

Take this chance to renegotiate your remuneration and terms of employment since the recalling is a demonstration that you are a valued talent with unique skills and competencies. 
This could be a blessing in disguise, so take advantage and chart your career growth.
 It is also a reminder that you can be rendered jobless anytime, so plan for a life without formal employment.

Jane Muiruri, 
Senior HR Manager, 
Nation Media Group