Should I expose my boss?

Caroline Mboijana. PHOTO/FILE 

What you need to know:

  • This feedback will be a good guide as you grow in your career and make future applications. On the issue of whether you should share what you know with the selection committee, I would advise that you answer the following questions so you have clarity of what you would like to do. What are you trying to achieve by sharing what you know, and why is it important to you? 

Dear  Caroline, 
After our supervisor retired, the company informed us to apply for his job. A number of us with the required qualifications and experience applied but we were never interviewed. A few weeks later, the company introduced a new manager to replace the retired supervisor. However, it so happens that I know the new manager and I know he does not qualify. In fact, we are so close that a few weeks prior he sent me his CV and asked me to help him tweak it a little bit. Every qualification on that CV is false and what is worse is I helped him create it. Should I inform the bosses about it?  Wangai 


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