Tell me, is social media influencing a real career?

Friday March 05 2021

Mwikali Muthiani

By Mwikali Muthiani

Is being a social influencer a career? How do influencers make money and what qualities does one need to become one? I need this information because I have been jobless for years now and I am thinking about venturing into this world. Kindly advice

Influencers are people who have gained the trust of their social media followers such that they can influence consumer habits. It sure is a way of generating income, and it often rides on one’s expertise. So, yes, it is just like any other job. If you are a content influencer, you must keep your audience engaged. If you are a food blogger, your content should be about appreciating different cuisines, discussions about nutrient values and origins of unique meals.

To be successful, you must command a sizable audience who follow your recommendations on what to buy, watch, wear or eat. However, success does not happen overnight. For many it has been a journey of hard work, discipline and patience.

The science of marketing is shifting as influencer driven marketing gains on traditional advertising.

Brands are embracing influencer marketing especially when targeting the younger generation who are tech savvy. Consumers get drawn to campaigns by personalities they admire and will therefore, be drawn to the products they recommend. Brands pay influencers for endorsements, promotions and campaigns, launch of new products or placing adverts on their social media platforms. Now, influencers are being used to champion causes such as climate change, good governance, equality and inclusivity as opposed to only commercial ventures.

Note that audiences are not just drawn to influencers based on their expertise, status or publicity. They also care about the values of the individuals they follow. All consumers of influencer content expect authenticity and accountability from the influencers they follow. Where this is lacking, audiences and brands will not hesitate to unfollow influencers or call them out. Whenever there is controversy, brands often cancel existing deals with their influencers to shield their products from bad publicity. Even gossip influencers need to avoid relaying sensational news which may erode their credibility. The world of influencing is growing rapidly it cuts across all generations and is set to become a prime career. Find your niche and build your brand.


Mwikali Muthiani

Millennial HR,