Using tech to create a career

What you need to know:

Innovation: Innocent John Nsubuga had always dreamt of becoming an accountant but his dream stalled when he made several failed attempts to find a job. The proprietor of Audiophile Concepts, he later realised the gap in the use of technology and he started a smart mobile sound system.

Take us through your career journey

Initially, I had a different career path. I always wanted to be a professional accountant but of course the different life experiences steered me to a different direction. I started off as an events company owner three years ago and this opened me up to a whole lot of possibilities which over time created in me a special interest in event equipment, especially sound and lighting.

Would you describe yourself as a leader or a boss?

Bossing! It sometimes sounds autocratic and bullish but I am a leader who believes in motivating, inspiring and empowering my team rather than taking charge of the workplace and people I work with. This in most cases makes everyone else feel valued and evokes creativity.

How did you get where you are today?

I owe my success to prayer and faith. I do not remember a single aspiration I prayed for earnestly and I did not achieve but I also rely on other traits such as strong will, desire for quality and hard work.

What is the best career advice you have ever received?

“Go where the money flows and be innovative.” You do not really have to make money the way our fathers did because times have changed.

So even if you studied engineering but have passion for anything where money is flowing, follow that passion and do as many things as you can get your hands on.

Do you believe in the power of mentorship?

Definitely! Everyone needs a person they look up to and who can offer them time to time guidance on matters of life that you can never get from school.

How can brands best position themselves to achieve customer loyalty?

By being unique and outstanding at what they do; that is the simplest formula to achieving customer loyalty.

Many brands do what they see others doing, but reality is that customers like new things, so being innovative and unique in operations and branding will bring results when it comes to achieving customer loyalty. 

And of course doing the best for customers will help your brand stand out.

How do you bring the best out of your team?

I read and research, which has helped me to be innovative and transfer knowledge to my team.

What inspired you to start Audiophile Concepts?

Technology advancements in the events industry. The idea of Audiophile Concepts came to me in lockdown at a time when small events were eventually a thing. I realised big players in the industry had a gap in serving the small events market segment.

My idea was how best to fill that gap with advancements in technology for the events industry. With good research, I managed to turn the idea a reality and in due process the business needs have given me direction and here we are comfortably executing sound service needs for both small and medium sized events market segments.

What equipment do you use, and why?

If it is sound, let it be JBL and Bose! This is because with professional brands as these, you eliminate guesswork and offer quality to the customer.

What makes your services unique?

Occasionally it is how Audiophile Concepts packages and delivers quality sound in very portable hardware.

In a society where people believe in sizeable hardware, when they are hit with A class equipment, they get really impressed.

How have you made Audiophile Concepts both a passion and business?

The need to provide standard service to keep digging deep into how best I can deliver yet at the same time have the least stress.

The more I research, the more I find out interesting and unique possibilities; this automatically transcends into a business that catches the eye of viewers and sounds good to the listeners.


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