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  • Book review. Raising a kingdom based generation is the role of every mother. In the book When Mama Prays by Rahab W. Macharia, the author provides a 21-day devotional that allows for mothers to shape the destinies of their children through prayer writes, Esther Bridget Nakalya.

Prayer is the most potent weapon in the hands of all believing mothers. Any new born child is brought forth to the world as a sinner. The earth itself is stained in sin following the fall of Adam and Eve. This is why a mother ought to place a godly covering upon her children right from the womb.

This is why this daily devotional is instrumental in guiding mothers on how to pray for both themselves and their children with the help of scriptures to go along with it.

As it is not God’s plan for a mother to have struggling offspring even in a world of tribulation. Isaiah 8:18 reads, “She and the children whom the Lord has given are for signs and wonders.” This is surely a given through constantly fronting prayer and supplication with thanksgiving and making our requests known unto God. (Philippians 4:6).

Macharia gathered inspiration to write this book from her youngest child and son; Corban during the 21days lockdown as per presidential directive to calm the surge in infections.

During the pandemic while she soothed her son to bed. The lead pastor of Trinity chapel got a conviction to pray for her son as the Holy Spirit guided.

“ As parents we had not managed to sleep train Corban and he did not have a precise sleep routine which made putting him to bed rather hectic  which is why time of prayer came in handy,” she shares.

The minister recounts a gradual change in her son’s sleeping habits and a special bond created from the times of prayer as he would mimic her speak in tongues till he slept off.

In the 114 pages of this book, the author divides the content into three sections to guide mothers on how to follow a scripted prayer manual.

Macharia goes on to schedule a prayer manual that entails praying for Body parts, Praying for Godly virtues and Praying for God’s blessings. These sessions give the devotion a thematic and holistic approach for each week.

Each day includes a prayer for mother where she gets to surrender to God in parenting, prayer for children which is an opportunity for mothers to make prayer investment in them, and a scripture for meditation also as a reminder of God’s promises upon mother and children.

Each topic also conclusively allows mothers to jot down a few notes or thoughts that might have resonated with their spirit through the days’ reading.

When Mama prays kicks off with Thanksgiving. God is more pleased with a thankful heart and children are a blessing and great privilege and not a right. “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him,” Psalm 126:3.

The author goes ahead to enlist several body parts that ought to be considered in prayer such as Hands, Ears, Eyes, Feet, The Heart, Mouth and lastly the head.

Each body part is viewed in the spiritual realm as a vital in shaping one’s path in life through speaking upon each part for the fulfilment of God’s promise which are true and Amen.

With a combination of scriptures embedded in it, the manual allows for mothers to coordinate with all the senses that evolve around each body part in prayer for the glory of God’s name and to speak into the destiny of their children while creating a path for their spiritual well-being and worldly endeavours.

While at it, Macharia shares her early life experiences on why each of these parts are coordinated to the spiritual realm and require a spiritual figure in parenting. She also attributes some knowledge in her book to famous authors such as Wick Warren of The Purpose Driven Life and Dobson author of Bringing up Boys.

The second section of the book focuses on praying for Godly virtues such as obedience, wisdom, strength, courage and diligence.

While praying for God’s virtues to be instilled in children, the author guides mothers to implore ABCs in parenting which is Accurate, Biblical and complete information away from the corrupted worldly views.

But in all things wisdom is key. God-given wisdom is the ultimate virtue in overcoming challenges in life. At a young age Solomon asked of God for wisdom to govern well as a king. God was pleased by this as wisdom is highly prized than all the other honours a man can receive. The book of Proverbs 4:6-8 shows wisdom as supreme.

The author and minister shares a prayer manual for God’s blessings in the third section such as Divine health, protection, prosperity and Baptism of the Holy Spirit. These entail favour which involved demonstrated delight from both man and God, Prosperity in heavenly and earthly riches which is not boastful but for glory of God and a plea for the holy spirit as a constant guide and helper ( John 4:26).

The book, When Mama Prays closes with stories of praying mothers and how they went through adversities while raising their children with a profound knowledge in Christ.

One of these were a one Phiona who was raised by in a polygamous family with five siblings. She recollects on how her mother went through family challenges of mistreat and disrespect but fronted prayer in all this. “God fights for me, my fight is on my knees,” mother always said. According to the story teller, her mother would pray for almost anything and everything including her children’s studies and even future spouses. She shares that her mother’s prayers paid off with 6weddings in 3years for all her 6children.

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Rahab W.Macharia has served in the children and youth ministry for 15years. Together with her husband, Isaac Macharia, they lead Trinity Chapel Kampala and are passionate about serving God as a family. #whenmamaprays is a necessary read!

Book Review

Book title:           When Mama Prays.

Author:            Rahab W. Macharia.

Pages:             114.

Price:            Shs 35,000.

Available:   Trinity  Chapel, Kampala.