Are men naturally polygamous?

South African businessman Milton Mbele married four women at a go in 2007. While some communities openly recognise polygamy, others believe it is a way of the past. NET PHOTO

What you need to know:

The big question. It is often said men will always have more than one woman and this is part of their DNA. We asked some men to clear the air for us.

Xenson Ssenkaaba, Fashion Designer

Many men always behave basing on the animals instinct which usually makes them want to have as many women as they possibly can. Traditionally, having many wives was a sign of one’s wealth and power. This monogamy business came with the colonialists who introduced Christianity. However, today the practice is changing.

Enoch Kyambadde, clients relations officer at Akeezimbira Sacco
Depending on your religion, it is not right to say men are naturally polygamous because today there are very many factors that determine that. Biblically, God created one woman for a man and polygamy is not allowed in the Church.

Kenneth Kimuli, aka Pablo
Not all men are polygamous and I think it all depends on one’s conviction. I think having many wives is more tasking. Having one is enough because it’s enough homework, having two wives is a time bomb, three is almost writing your will. Besides, today it’s more prestigious to have one wife because having two is a sign of failure. It also shows that you have experience in failed relationships.

Peter Igaga, business manager NTV
I think it is in our nature to be polygamous because it is something which is attributed to us. Men want to have many women but what we do is condition ourselves to stick to one wife because of the many factors that come in to play like religion, the economy. A man will appreciate a beautiful woman, but this does not make him polygamous.

Lubega Muwonge, manager Akeezimbira Sacco
I don’t think that is correct and I think it just tries to justify the practice of polygamy. That is just justifying the weakness and looking for ways to make it right. Polygamy has never been accepted and there are many limiting factors to it. Even the Muslims say marry as long as you can facilitate all the wives equally, which is certainly impossible.

Henry Katende, businessman
I think it all depends on what a person wants and if he is able to look after all those wives. But I disagree with the statement that we are naturally polygamous because many men nowadays marry one wife. It is also very stressing supporting more than one wife.

Henry Muuka, businessman
No, I don’t think we are naturally polygamous, the practice was mainly done by the old people and it is not really popular today. There are many risks involved as you can easily get a woman who is infected and brings STDs to the home. Many men today are getting married in the church which condemns the practice.

Jackson Kamoga, barber/ hairstylist
I cannot agree with the statement because when a man gets another wife it brings about a lot of differences and tensions in a home. It’s also a very outdated practice that is phasing out. It probably thrived back in the day when it was a sign of prestige.


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