At 34, I discovered I had more than three fathers

What you need to know:

When I wanted support as a man to establish myself in the world, I got a life shock that is still haunting me.

I met Musa Masinde(not his real name) 34, at a mosque in Kampala. He requested to tell me more about himself. That is how I got to know more about Masinde’s life story.

Masinde’s experience
“ I have a father, the best man God had left me with after my mother’s death. He took me to all good schools and treated me as the favourite of all his 13 children,” Masinde narrates.

“But when mum passed on in 2007, he told me I was a wasted project he had invested in unknowingly.”

From the time Masinde was in Senior Six vacation, his dad became moody. This was a time the young man needed support from a parent the most. “Whenever I would approach dad for some scholastics, he readily availed everything. This time round, the response was not as pleasant as it used to be.”

Shockingly, the young man’s father questioned why I needed all those things.

After Senior Six, Masinde’s father asked him to pack his belongings and leave his home. “I am tired of looking after you. Go to your maternal family members! ” he roared.

Without asking a question the poor boy obliged and left home the next day. After a while the exam results were out. “I went back to my father to ask about my further studies at university.”

Dad one denies me
Who could imagine a father saying to the son,“Actually you should know that you are only a family friend to my children and that is it. Go and your mum will tell you who your true father is!” This angered Masinde.

“Gava, is the man under whose guardianship I grew. He was working at one of the Ministries,” Masinde narrated adding that his mother introduced him to that man when he was seven years old. “Mum took me to his home and said, “From today onwards, this is your dad.”

After some time, Gava called the young man with good news that he had paid his tuition fees for the first semester, at Makerere University. He had applied for a degree in Public Relations.

“While at university, my aunt who works at Makerere University, called me to her office for a talk. I dashed to her office and she warmed up to me, ” Masinde’s shaky voice went on. “Little did I know she had another shocker! ”

I discover dad two
The story got so chilling as Masinde started breaking out in cold sweats. “Aunt told me that the person I regarded as my father was a mere friend to my mother. And that my real father was called Tekawerire. She gave me all his contacts.”

When Masinde begged to know why everything was happening the way it was, Tekawerire replied , “ The time I spent with your mom at Makerere University was very minimal. There is no way she could claim that you are my son. The man seemed furious and added, “She should tell you who your father is!”

Some years back, Masinde’s mother had taken him to dad number two. “The man rejected me. Mum threatened to take the matter to his workplace, he then accepted to take me in.”

Masinde’s two parents went for a DNA test at Mulago hospital. “However, dad since insisted that that was a mere blood match test. He did not take the results to be true.”

All this time, Masinde’s mother was in Tanzania. There, she had married a man with whom she has three children and another child from a different man. She left four children in Uganda, each with a different father.

“I tried to get in touch with her in vain. I was told that she had succumbed to cervical cancer had claimed her life. Left with no option, I prayed to God to guide me find my true dad. I went to the offices where I was told I would find my rightful father. I called him up and we met at his office.”

Dad number three is found
“In company of my sister in her 20s, we went to meet the mister. I carried with me a photo of my late mum .”

The man seemed very receptive, when Masinde showed him the picture of the late mum. He acknowledged that he knew of her but said; “I knew her as Mr Musisi’s wife. I am not your father. But you could ask further for the truth.” he advised.

After being referred to Mr Musisi, I decided to give up the search. My sister however told me that I resemble Mr Tekawerire.

I am confused. Who is my father?


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