Book review: Safe homes, happy homes

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  • Book review. Safety is sometimes not treated as priority,  yet it is very important. Safe homes Happy Homes, a book  by Edwin Kansiime focuses more on family safety in homes majorly on child safety and protection at home and school, writes Deus Bugembe

For many, the word ‘home’ means feeling of safety, happiness, warmth, and security.  After spending a lot of time and money building or renting a home, people are often too exhausted to start thinking about how to prevent hazards and keep the acquired homes safe. It is therefore, very important to take necessary simple steps or measures to avoid injuries, especially for families with young children or the elderly.  Safe Homes Happy Homes by Edwin Kansiime is a special book for anyone living in a home or around people. It highlights how people or a family can live together happily, safe and comfortably without anything to worry about. 

The writer has had the opportunity of living in a home that has people of all of age groups and he has used his experience in that environment to put this book together.

Avoiding  accidents

The book also points out how accidents are common in homes but can also be avoided and the writer puts across different practical solutions and prevention tactics. The author also first observed, listened and read a lot of content about home safety. 

He is also convinced that once read, one can acquire precious knowledge they can use to reduce common home hazards as comprehensively explained in the literature. It also stretches beyond home safety but also taps into how healthy relationships can be maintained among occupants of a homestead.

Risks and dangers

The book also gives examples of risks and potential dangers in and around a home which might cause harm, injury or even loss of life. According to  the author’s research, safety advice reduces accidents and risks to families because it lays out a credible plan for routine home checks, including teaching every member of a home how to prioritise and support safety at all times.

The author carefully broke the book down into different sub topics. Like child sex abuse, raising happy, responsible and successful children, sibling rivalry and domestic violence. Under these subtopics, the authors goes on to explain in detail why some of these misfortunes happen. 

He also points out some of the red flags one might overlook only to realise later that they could have done something to mitigate the harm. In all this, the author says every family needs a safety plan at home and he goes on to paint a picture of how to put a safety plan in place. 

Having a family safety plan is one of the best things you can do for those you care about, especially those you share a home with. After reading the book, a homeowner gets a sense of feeling that everyone in the home will be safe and cared for in case something went wrong. 

This book touches essential aspects by reminding parents about their roles in raising a decent family under their roofs. It points out some of the wrong assumptions parents carry, how to create a good environment for children and spouses to return home to every day, reminds parents of their roles in sibling rivalry and how they can respond to disclosure of domestic violence. In a nutshell, away from safety it is one book every family needs on their home shelf.


The style in which the book is written is very simple as the book is easy to navigate. The vocabulary can be comprehended by the average reader, children too can easily read and interpret the information. The message is direct and precise to the point. Everything is self-explanatory because the author makes it clear this is a book that everyone out there should find easy to read. 

A good example on page 23, the author gives examples on how a homeowner can scare burglars away. The author gives putting signs such as beware of dogs, home under surveillance, no trespassing. He goes on to explain that putting up such signs can psychologically scare away someone with intentions of stealing from your house. That is one example of how the message in the book is easy to grasp in a short time. It is not only that section but the entire book.


In conclusion,  Safe Home  Happy Home is a book worth every penny for one who treasures the safety of their home and its surroundings. It gives a direct approach to having a safe and happy family setting. There is a lot to pick from it in regards to running the ideal home with happy and healthy residents. 

It explains all this by focusing particularly on home safety, child protection and violence in homes.  The message comes from deep down the author’s heart as one who has always had the love and passion for children for a long time. 

His desire to see children grow in healthy and safe environments motivated him to write this book. He is also a specialist in the field of safety, majoring in home safety but also occupational health and safety.


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