Eclectic wedding menu 

The salad served at the party at Skyz Hotel Naguru in Kampala. PHOTOS / A. Kadumukasa  KIRONDe II.

What you need to know:

  • Review. A wedding should never be a disappointment and for that one special day in your life, at no cost can you afford to gamble. 

Even the best planned events can befall unforeseen woe betide; they say the road to hell is often paved with good intentions, and weddings are no exception to this adage.  Under the best of circumstances, a wedding ought to be a onetime event.  It is not exactly something that you can do a retake, unless of course one gets a divorce and then remarries. 

Great ambiance
Notwithstanding, an ideal wedding should be an event with the best of everything that is affordable to both bride and groom.  Speaking of which, one of the key questions has to be whether it will be an indoor or outdoor affair. 
Here, the important consideration has to be the number of expected guests and the season. Recently, one of my relatives, Liz Kawesa invited us to her wedding at the rooftop of the Skyz Protea at Naguru. Frankly, she and her partner could not have chosen a better place given the relatively small number of invitees. 

That said, when you pay Shs90,000 per plate anywhere in Kampala, at the Skyz Protea you are assured of incomparable service and this once in a lifetime affair, you will not feel cheated or even cutting corners. Ultimately, it becomes a case of ‘you pay for what you get’ and the wedding that we attended was a winner in every respect.  

Well-done food
The buffet was eclectic and of a high standard and what a joyous relief to be able to sample a sizeable piece of chicken as opposed to the  common way of creating 20 pieces out of a chicken as is the case at many a catered Ugandan function!  The matooke was superb as was the rice, and the fish was again of reasonable and acceptable portion and all in all, while the food may not have been haute cuisine, by all standards it was great, wholesome and well-cooked. And, considering that the groom was Polish and had come with a few of his friends, the food served was suitable and guaranteed to please all the guests.

Looking for a venue?
When considering a venue for a small wedding of 400 or less regardless, Skyz went all out to deliver and ensure that the bride and groom were in no way short changed. 
Any person looking at wedding venues, whether outdoors or indoors, one has to consider amenities such as parking facilities, air conditioning, adequate toilet facilities, and accessibility both public and private, the reputation of the chosen place naturally based on past occasions that are known to have been hosted there in the past. 
A wedding should never be a disappointment and for that one special day in your life, at no cost can you afford to gamble.

The menu
Greek salad 
Chicken pasta salad
Waldorf salad
Roasted beetroot, butternut, roast onion & sweet honey balsamic 

Main course
Beef fillet with mushroom sauce
Pan grilled Tilapia fish fillet
Roast chicken with rosemary sauce
Vegetables and starches
Matooke with ground nut sauce
Beans stew
Fried gonja

Black Forest
Passion cheese cake
Red velvet cake
Assorted fruits with mango
Chocolate mud pudding 

The deal… 
The place: Skyz Protea Hotel
Rating: Not to be missed 
Address: Naguru 
The space: The rooftop with panoramic view of Kampala
The crowd: Mostly longtime friends of the bride and a few friends of the groom from Poland
The bar: All manner of drinks
The damage: Shs90,000 per person at no charge for the venue.
Sound level: Excellent 
Parking: Available and secure  
If you go: Strictly by prior arrangement and invite 

RATINGS: Not to be missed, worth a visit, OK/so so, don’t waste your time. 
These ratings are purely the reviewer’s personal reaction to food, ambience and service with price being factored into consideration. The menu listings and prices are subject to change without notice. 


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