First we were friends, now we are brothers

Sunday September 19 2021

Mubooki Moses and Walukhu Simon Peter. Photo / Courtesy

By Olivier Mukaaya

Coming home.  Mubooki Moses and Walukhu Simon Peter met in 2004. Today, the two are more than friends but brothers. And what makes this friendship tick is not merely the fact that they have known each other for years, but that they are both teachers, radio presenters and youth leaders in the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Mbale. Olivier Mukaaya talked to them.

How would you describe Simon Peter?
He is a very hardworking person, confident and, at times, a one-man army.

How would you describe your relationship?
We met in 2004 at church, became friends and today, I can confidently say we are brothers.

Have you ever teamed up to fight someone?
We have only teamed up for the good, for instance, we started Ebenezer Radio together and we do a show together. Of course we even MC together.

What is he scared of the most?
Simon Peter is afraid of losing friends that he will always try to find out what went wrong. He also doesn’t share his secrets. 

What is the craziest thing he has done?
When he was getting married, he did not tell us until it was a month to the introduction, I found that crazy.
There was also a time he took my bike and crashed it. He sustained injuries and bled so much that his mother collapsed after looking at him. He no longer rides so fast after that.


What is your fondest memory of him?
In 2004, when he came to Mbale for the first time. He wasn’t very social and it was hard to talk to him.

What do you like about him?
He is frank, committed and easily multitasks. 

Are you closer now than then?
We are closer today than we were while growing up. We have seen a lot together, been through a lot, that’s why I call him a brother today.

Describe the last activity you did together?
Before the second lockdown, we had two events to MC in Mbale and Budaka.

Do you complement each other?
Yes, we complement each other in many ways, for instance, we do our MC work as a duo and also present our radio show together.

How often do you disagree?
We rarely have disagreements.

If you get a call that your brother was in jail, what would be the first crime that comes to your mind?

What was your favourite sport?
It has always been football.

Simon Peter  
How would you describe Moses?
He is my mentor. He is almost responsible for all that I am today. 

How would you describe your relationship?
We met in church and later became district leaders, right now we are more of brothers than friends. 

Have you ever teamed up with him for a fight?
I could say the devil, both of us being Christians, the devil is our biggest enemy.

What is he scared of the most?
Losing the people he cares for.

What is that craziest thing he has ever done?
It is difficult to choose one, but there is a time we went camping, as leaders, we were meant to delegate our teams to do such work as collecting firewood, but he chose to do it himself.

What is his nickname?
I call him teacher because of his profession but besides that, I have learnt a lot of things from him.

What is your earliest memory of him?
When I had moved to Mbale, it was the first time I was leaving the village. One time, they called a meeting for youth leaders, I showed up in sandals and many people looked at me in a certain way. They did not want to talk to me but Moses was there, we did not know each other but he made me feel at home. 

What do you love about him?
He is a mentor and he is honest and forgiving.

Are you closer now or when you were younger?
We are closer today because our friendship is God-given, for instance, I don’t have a brother, all I have is my sister and at the moment I could say Moses fills the void. There is much I know about him that his family may not know.

Describe the most recent thing you did with him?
There is a time we were doing two events at the same time, he was directing me over the phone.

Do you complement each other?
We complement each other in many ways. When you think about it, we are both artists, MCs and radio presenters.

Have you ever engaged in any argument with him?

If you get a call that your brother was in jail, what would be the first crime comes to mind?
It would be a set up. He is so trusting.