Food done to perfection, poor attitude

Sunday May 09 2021

Review: Many people love to indulge in a good meal. At Ewooma Pork Joint, the food is on point but the disorganisation of the place and shabiness of the staff are a put off.

By A. Kadumukasa Kironde II

Some of us are at a loss at the perpetual and infuriating ‘don’t give a damn attitude’ of owners of pork joints such as Ewooma Pork Joint over in Rubaga, opposite The Red Cross headquarters. They continue with impunity, day in and day out to disregard the standard and accepted norms of etiquette in the hospitality industry. The idea of openly displaying the back of the kitchen operations in public view is a matter that has to stop and discouraged in any contemporary eating joint. 

I am at a loss of words, that the powers that be of such places cannot see the need and wisdom to spare us from allowing preparation of foodstuff in the open as though such standards were normal. Matooke and cassava peeling done in the forecourt, and as if this is not contemptuous enough, when we look at the grilling area,  it is total mayhem the appearance of those given the demanding and painstaking task of grilling tonnes and tonnes of meat on a daily basis.

Needless to say, facing such enormous heat in such a confined area has to be a fate comparable to being in an iron furnace. 
It is unsightly for diners to look at profusely sweating cooks who mop their dripping faces with their hands and while at the same time constantly swigging water off a large mineral water bottle. In all fairness they need to be isolated from the dining area and completely sealed off and kept out of sight. 

The plus
Almost two years since its opening, Ewooma Pork Joint continues to do roaring business and not surprisingly, the customers seem to be indifferent to the jua kali setting but without a doubt they throw all caution to the wind. They are drawn by the superb roasted pork which they do to perfection. 

The frowns
The place still has that look of lacking finishing refinements such as a ceiling, always an essential part of any worthy roof, which would give it a much needed flip. 

Diners still share tables while others feel comfortable using benches as tables for dining, a matter to me of utmost distaste. The service continues to be disorganised. The order of the day is that they are several vendors under the same roof; why I do not know? 


In other essence, those who serve beverages are different from the ones who serve the food. Not to mention the actual pork, and here there is a difference between the raw and uncooked meat. Unfortunately, this arrangement is inconvenient and inefficient and is bound to cause no end of frustration and discomfiture for the end user. What is needed is the seamless integration of all the services under one umbrella. Fortunately, the turn-around time is short and worthy of mention, nevertheless the slovenly nature of the serving staff leaves a lot to be desired.

Please, please get them uniforms and get them covered shoes which can be bought cheaply in Owino market. They must be smartly decked out and the idea of wearing  sapatu, aka, slippers is so tacky.

Sadly, knowing the awful indifference and apathy of  Ugandans, who frequent this place, I doubt they  give a hoot about these shortcomings and aberrations; one would be well advised not to hold one’s breath.

The deal 

These views are purely the reviewer’s personal reaction to food, ambience and service with price being factored into consideration. The menu listings and prices are subject to change without notice.