From zero money to wealth

Sunday August 01 2021
By Angella Nampewo

The book, “From Zero Money to Wealth” by Emmanuel Akeny, is billed as a practical guide on how to achieve everything you have planned for irrespective of where you are on the financial scale. The author draws from his own experience of starting out in business to highlight some of the realities involved in trying to make wealth. This is not the typical motivational speaker telling us how they started from scratch and now they have it all. The author writes candidly about ventures he tried and out rightly failed at. This is done in the hope that those who seek wealth can learn a lesson or two along the way about what not to do on the journey to success. 

This is not a book you’ll want to read at once and discard. It is written as a handbook; the kind you need to keep consulting, returning to that chapter every now and again to mull on the lesson. The author delves into the principles of wealth, which you will find interesting. It is the kind of book that it not just loaded with theories but practical advice that will spur you into action; to examine your saving culture, to look for avenues of investing and other wealth generation strategies. Do not be mistaken though, this is not a silver bullet full of easy answers to spring you from poverty to wealth. The book is meant to make you stop and think, then start taking active steps towards your dream.
Like some of the other books on money, in this title, the author takes off time to debunk some of the myths on money, offering instead some strategies to reprogram your mind out of the poverty mindset. And yes, there is such a thing. Some of the common ideas we keep bouncing around in our heads include: ‘I can’t afford it’, ‘I don’t want to be rich’ and ‘Tomorrow will take care of itself’ among other things. However, Akeny is here to remind readers that tomorrow will not take care of itself: The actions we take today matter in the grand scheme of things and it is alright to start small or even start at zero, with nothing.  

Have you been toying with the idea of starting a business? You might find some useful ideas in this book. As a bonus, the book is smartly bound and written in decently organized simple language. That is an important first step to picking up a copy and the author seemed to know that. 
The author is a businessman and motivational speaker as well as an educationist, speaker and life. According to his short bio, he lost both parents by age 15. Growing up, he was familiar with what it meant to live a life of lack. He shares that he has used the very principles in the book to break free from the shackles of poverty. What he is effectively selling, he says, is a tried and tested remedy, one that everyone can use to get themselves up from the lowest point to financial success. 

Being a graduate of Agriculture, the author shares many tips on making it in this field in his investment section. Those who see their path to wealth through agriculture may find it beneficial to reflect on his suggestions. Again, you will not find all the detail you need on a particular venture but there will be enough in the book to tickle you to investigate further and hopefully start on the journey to your own success. 

Quick Notes
Author: Emmanuel Akeny
Ordering information: +256 782 371996
Reviewer: Angella Nampewo