I dozed off for 30 minutes during radio show – Mayanja

Sunday September 27 2020
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Upclose. Yusuf Mayanja, is a station manager at Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) FM and a lecturer of radio and advanced radio production at IUIU, Mbale.

By Phoebe Masongole

First thing you do in the morning…
I take a glass of warm lemonade, sometimes with a sweet banana. Thereafter, I take a cold bath and perform my  morning prayer. 
Your first job… 
During my Senior Six vacation, I worked in my brothers’ company called Ray and Masaku, which was located in Industrial Area in Kampala. They dealt in melamine plates. Before that, I was a volunteer in advert recording at Sky FM in Mityana.
What was your first salary?
At Ray and Masaku, I earned Shs80,000 per month and I was happy because I was at a level where I needed money to advance my life.
First best friend….

My cousin Mathias. We were in the same primary school but he dropped out in Primary Seven because of financial constraints. 
First radio station you worked for…
I volunteered at different radio stations including, Sky FM, BBS FM, Star FM but the first radio station to give me permanent employment placement was Signal FM in Mbale. 

First book you read…
 I am not that much into reading but I liked  No Longer at Ease by Chinua Achebe. It is one of the books I read to date because it is interesting and encouraging.
First radio programme…
While volunteering, I used to do comedy; imitating Kaibanda but when I got permanent employment, I began with a sports programme and did football commentaries.
Your current job is... 
 I have been the radio station manager of Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) FM in Mbale for eight years. 
What is the first car you owned…?

Land Rover Freelander.
First most memorable experience… 
When I went for radio training in Turkey. It was my first time to board a plane, I experienced a new lifestyle, but, I also learnt to use sign language because we did not know Turkish and our hosts could not speak English.
Besides, I learnt a lot about radio production, engineering and presentation, which has enabled me to become a seasoned lecturer of radio and advanced radio production.

First glitch you made on radio… 
Once, I overworked myself for four consecutive days while doing a football commentary at night. So, on the fifth day, I did the first half commentary well  but I slept off for almost 30 minutes and did not do the second half and radio was silent. 
How did your boss or audience react?
Thankfully, my boss was not listening and no one seemed to have noticed (Editor’s note: We hope they are not reading this too). 
Your regret…

There is a time my mother wanted to talk to me but because I was on air,  I did not answer the call. After the programme, I returned the call but her phone was switched off. The following day, I received a call from one of the people around her saying she could neither talk nor move. Her life has since been like that.
Tip .. 
Never undermine anyone because in life, we need one another. It might not be today but tomorrow, you may need that person in your life because we have been created for different purposes. All you need to know is that what you cannot do, someone else can do.