Living with Covid-19

Sunday September 05 2021

Covid-19 changed several lifestyles worldwide. PHOTO/COURTESY

By Nafha Maani Ebrahimi

Today I carried out another Covid test To obtain results that will enable me to travel, fortunately the results came as negative and I was given a clean bill of health. Seeing the word negative is indeed positive when it comes to Covid-19 tests.

Since the beginning of the pandemic I have been tested over and over again, and every time the heart beating between performing the test and receiving the results has never stopped, anxiety, worry , waiting, and expecting the worst, after all pessimism is part of human nature. 

It maybe acting as a defensive system, just in case the news is bad, the mind is ready to receive that news, however if it’s good, then it’s joy and relief.

Somehow, it seems that the world has come to terms with this pandemic that swept humanity like nothing I can remember in recent history, hearing that a friend or a relative is infected with the virus is no longer big news, It’s just hoping that the symptoms are mild and that the infected person makes it out without too many complications, also taking into consideration the influence of the  Covid-19 vaccines that in many cases, has reduced the serious consequences of the infection.

Even the arrival of the variant types of this virus seems not to scare many people,  apparently everyone is tired of hearing Covid stories and updates, the masks have loosened up, the sanitisers are less frequently used and even hugging each other has made a return. I remember the time when one of the vendors in a shop would wait at the entrance to give you a stern warning if you entered the shop without sanitising your hands. 

And while there are many people who are still fighting the idea of vaccination, millions of others have been vaccinated and it seems that this vaccination really helps people who get infected, as the effects in vaccinated people are much less.


One of the most prominent places where people objected to vaccination and masks is Europe, even some of those who vaccinated did so for fear of not being able to travel or enter into shopping malls and restaurants. 

Today, most Europeans have completely relaxed the issue of masks, and though signs of obligatory masks are still prominent in all closed places, one can spot from time to time someone who has lowered the mask, totally disregarding the rules.

Like everyone, I don’t like to be restricted, but the rules of cleanliness that Covid-19 brought were a blessing in disguise, and that is another story for another day.