Lockdown made me switch careers

Up close. Daniel Dra’bo,also known as, Unik Dray.

What you need to know:

  • Up close. Daniel Dra’bo,also known as, Unik Dray has been known as a music DJ over the years. He used to play music at different hangouts such as Laftaz Lounge, Fame Lounge and Club Razah.
  • He talked to David S Mukooza about the lockdown has made him switch from disc jockey to music production and songwriting.

What has been the lockdown like?
As an events and club DJ, the lockdown and ban on gatherings rendered me jobless until the restrictions on our sector are eased. 
How have you been surviving?
As s someone who puts thought into what I do, I chose to tap into the other bit of the entertainment industry which could not be restricted. Thus music production and song writing are my new babies.
We believe that comes with some skill. How did you manage to switch with ease?
When the President ordered for closure of bars and banned gatherings on March 18, 2020, I first waited a few months for him to open but the awaited  days or months turned into a year.
I had to rediscover myself and that is when I started writing music for artistes who are my friends and know me and concurrently, started trying out audio production. I later opened up a studio where I spend most of my time writing and producing music.
What was your debut production like? 
My debut:  in September 2020, I released Nyanya Mbisi, a song which featured artiste Simon Bunks and DJ Sirus Ziki.  Whenever that song plays on air, I am motivated since I feature as one of the artistes. I reached out to the Rolex Festival team to sell them my idea of the song because it does not only stop at  production and release.
Where did you get capital to open the studio?
I disposed of some of my DJ equipment. I sold my turntable and laptop. I supplemented this with some of my savings to buy speakers, controllers, a guitar and studio monitors.
What is the name of your studio?
 1412 studios.


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