Most followed model in Mbarara ventures into commercial music

Thursday September 09 2021

Mbarara's fast rising singer socialite Onesmatic brags of having biggest Instagram following in the western city. Born and bred Onesmatic, full name Akampurira Onesmus has gained fame in Mbarara and Western Uganda for his new found love in music and now brags of a huge social media following.

He has earned a fortune from YouTube, iTunes and Spotify and yet still his fashion sense standout. Starting as a fashionista and socialite, Onesmatic was and is the first pers on in the new Mbarara city to achieve a 100K Instagram following that not even prominent Artistes like Ray G have. His following gain is majorly for his sense of fashion and appeal to the young people in Mbarara who find his fashion sense and fashion house inspirational.

Onesmatic says he is trying to use his influence and his music to change the community around him in Mbarara and Uganda at large. He has used his huge following to impact society by advocating for campaigns among the youth like fighting HIV, Early pregnancies and many others. "As am Emcee, socialite and influencer, I hav a vouce and I am using it to change society for the better" he said.

Who is Onesmatic?

Onesmas Akampurira aka Onesmatic was born in 1999 to Mr Ramathan Kwizera and Ahimbisibwe Avelyn. He attended Junior primary school in and Welden school Mbarara for his Ordinary level Secondary Education. He intends to persue University education after the Covid-19 restrictions.