Our passion for beauty brought us together

Sunday October 10 2021

Gift Wasagali and Peter Kaguda are best friends that are both in the beautification business, in fact, they say it is what brought them together. PHOTO/ Olivier Mukaaya.

By Olivier Mukaaya

Beautifiers. Gift Irene Wasagali and Peter Kagunda are best friends that share a passion for beauty. Gift is a beautician while Pater does pedicure and manicure in Mbale. The best of all things to happen, the two friends currently work together.


How best would you describe Peter?
He is a humble, hardworking, creative man who is passionate about his work and equally cares for everyone. 

What kind of relationship do you have?
We are very good friends who have a lot in common and happen to work together.

At what point did you become best friends?
We became best friends at the time we started working together. I remember one day, he called me for work at his workplace, at that time, I was not working but he gave me an opportunity and that showed me he was indeed a good friend.

What are your fondest memories of him?
There was a time we had a disagreement at work and he only looked at me and later said that we needed to resolve the issue before the close of business. This made me realise he was really humble and never left a stone unturned.


What do you like about him?
He is a kind person who will always give a hand to anyone that seeks help.

What do you dislike about him?
He disturbs, he will call you for no serious reason and most times I end up getting mad at him.

Craziest things you have done together.
One time, we were out with our boss, he gave peter the keys to unlock the car. Unknown to all of us, he did not know how and yet he did not tell us. He struggled with the task that I still tease him about it todate. 

What nicknames do you call him?
I call him Muyindi, it is a common joke that most Indians love having the fan on even when it is not necessarily hot. Peter likes having the fan on even on cold days.

Have you ever teamed up to fight someone?
We never teamed up to fight anyone but I think we can team up to fight the devil with prayers.

How far can you go to help Peter?
I would say that I could go as far as I can to help him because he has been there for me all the time and I would do the same for him.


What do you like about Gift?
Gift is someone you can fight with and still manage to strike a conversation the next day, she doesn’t hold grudges for long. I mean I have worked with people that would get annoyed with you for days and they would carry on without greeting or talking to you. Gift is different, when we disagree, we talk about it.

What do you dislike about her?
I think there is nothing I dislike about her yet. 

What nicknames do you call her?
I call her Mzungu because of her skin colour.

Have you ever teamed up to fight someone?
We are peaceful people thus we have not fought anyone together. I hope we never.

How far can you go to help her?
I would risk it all, she has been there for me whenever I’m in need.

What do you have in common?
We are both forgiving people, humble  and passionate about beauty.
What habits does she have that you would change if you could?
To be honest with you I have not seen any habit in Gift yet that I would change.

How often do you argue?
We do not argue often, but when we do, we make sure we resolve the issue there and then.

What are you good at that people do not know about?
Most people think I’m soft yet I’m good at playing football.

What kind of relationship do you have with Gift?
We are best friends who became brother and sister, especially when we started working together.

Craziest things you have done together.
We have done a lot of crazy things together, many I can’t talk about in public.