Retirement is not about age but preparedness

Jack Sserunkuma (R) on a set of one of his productions. PHOTO/Edgar R. Batte. 

What you need to know:

Retiring. Actor and producer Jack Sserunkuma believes retirement should never be about age, writes Edgar R. Batte.

Jack Kinobe Sserunkuma’s perception of retirement is in a three-phase process; planning to retire, going for retirement, and surviving in retirement. And to him, retirement is not about age but how prepared you are for survival in retirement. 
As such, when one turns 18, and becomes an adult, planning for retirement should start. “At that age, we are thinking about falling in love and starting families. We soon finish school, find jobs and partners. We get married and start families and so on. Then, reality checks in. What we see today is people biting their teeth to hold on tightly to the small jobs they have in fear of turning destitute in their mother land,” he observes.


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