Rev Nkwasiibwe did not join ministry for money

Rev Eng Aaron Nkwasiibwe (R) and Bishop Nathan Ahimbisibwe pose for a photo. PHOTO / ALEX ASHABA

What you need to know:

  • After getting saved in 2010, Nkwasiibwe regularly joined  some religious leaders for pastoral visits and there he got a chance to speak to the youth. The pastoral visits made him love church ministry more.

Pursuing his studies, Aaron Nkwasiibwe’s dream was to become an engineer. Nkwasiibwe realised his dream in 2016, after graduating with a Diploma in Building and Civil Engineering from Uganda Technical College-Kichwamba, in Fort Portal.

 However, it had never crossed his mind that he would one day stand on a church pulpit.

“When I was in Senior Four, I got saved (born again), and felt a conviction to start serving  God but my dream was engineering,” Rev Nkwasiibwe says.


After getting saved in 2010, Nkwasiibwe regularly joined  some religious leaders for pastoral visits and there he got a chance to speak to the youth. The pastoral visits made him love church ministry more.

 While at Kyamate Secondary School in Ntungamo District, he became a friend of Rev Nathan Ahimbisibwe, who was consecrated Bishop of South Ankole in 2012.

After A-Level, Nkwasiibwe joined Uganda Technical College-Kichwamba, Fort Portal. 

Upon completing his diploma in Building and Civil Engineering, Nkwasiibwe worked for two years and established Arotek Contractors Services, his company.

 “I want to extend my gratitude to Rt Rev Bishop Nathan and his wife Mama Lilian Ahimbisibwe, of South Ankole Diocese, who paid my tuition,” he says.

Turning point

 Nkwasiibwe made friends with diocesan staff of South Ankole and the Bishop who became his mentor.

In 2016, after his course he often spared time to visit the diocese with the purpose of maintaining relationships with people as well as getting opportunities to learn scripture.

 In May 2018, the South Ankole Diocese committee selected him to go for Theology Studies, which he says surprised him.

 “In 2018, I was going  about my usual activities, when  I received a call from the diocese telling me that I was selected to go for Theology studies at UCU Bishop Barham Kabale. I never expected it,” he recalls.

His immediate answer to the call, was ‘Yes, I am ready’ because he knew he was starting the journey of serving God in church ministry.

 “When you serve God, you get blessings and the blessings bring more money,” he says.

Balancing the act

Nkwasiibwe acknowledges that in engineering there is more money than in church ministry but quickly adds, “God is above all professions.”

 “I have earned more money in engineering because of God’s blessings. Blessings are more important than money,” he says.

 He says apart from his parents, he never consulted anyone on the decision to pursue Theology because he knew some people would discourage him.

“Many people said I had abandoned my profession, which is not true because I do church ministry and engineering concurrently,” he says.

At university, he got a chance to serve as the university religious minister, GRC to the parliament, he also became the president of Greater Ankole Students Association (GASA).

The Rev  Aaron Nkwasiibwe with his parents. 

 “At first it was hard for me to balance studies and work, remember I had Arotek Contractors Services. During my free time, I would leave the university to execute my contracts,” he recalls, adding that, people continued giving him construction jobs which he could not abandon.  He was among the students that scored a first class degree, and the best student of Theology at UCU and all its constituent colleges, he also became the best male performer at UCU-Bishop Barham University in Kabale.

With his Bachelor’s degree, he was ordained Reverend last year.

“I don’t regret any single day that I joined the church ministry, I am happy because I still do both.”

Currently, the church needs professionals to do ministry because serving God does not limit someone from practising their profession.

 “For example, being an engineer I was posted to Kibatsi Technical Institute as a chaplain and a tutor which gives me a chance to groom students both spiritually and academically,” he says.

Norah Batangaire, his mother, says it is a good thing to have a child who serves God.

 “When he told me about his desire to join church ministry, I was happier than him. I felt that God had answered my prayers. Who am I to have a child who is a reverend!” she says.

 Batangaire says her son never joined the church ministry for money but to serve the Lord.

 “My life has changed, from the day my son joined ministry, people hold me in high regard and it has earned me prestige. Can you imagine , people give me a front seat in church or at functions unlike back in the day!” she says.


 As a tutor at the technical institute, he inspires students.

 “I tell students that they should not limit themselves to only the professional bit. As an engineer, you still need God in your work,” he says.

 He says as a tutor, it has also offered him another opportunity to convert students into Christianity.

 “When teaching students, I also tell them to get saved and many have accepted Jesus as their personal saviour. Had I not been a Reverend, I would not have persuaded them,” he explains.

 He quotes Psalm 127:1 “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain.”

 To him, the key to success in any endeavour is God’s sovereignty over every person and event.

 “In any activity, we need God’s blessing. All that we accomplish will be for naught if the Lord is not in it. We can “build,” and we can “watch,” but it is the Lord who gives success,” he said.

 The Rev Nkwasiibwe says, when he is free he executes his clients’ work. 

Not  for  promotion

 As far as promotions in the church are concerned, he says joining church ministry was not about promotion but service to God.

 “1st Peter 5:6, tells us “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time,” so if ranks come I will be glad and if they don’t, I will not complain as long as God is leading my life,” he concludes.

quick bio

Engineer Aaron nkwasiibwe becomes the Rev .  Here is his education journey;

                . 1998- 2005, he attended Kizaara Primary School

•             2006-2012: attended Kyamate SS in Ntungamo District.

•             2016: graduated with Diploma Building and Civil Engineering

•             2018: Bachelor of Theological Studies


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