Sails Restaurant is worth the time

Sails Restaurants has three sections with most being as spacious as the restaurant area. PHOTOS | A KADUMUKASA KIRONDE II

What you need to know:

  • It is situated along Port Bell road,  barely 10 km from Kampala City Center, in Luzira opposite Total Energies petrol station.
  •  Behind its modern setup we discovered that Sails has the kind of ambiance that is both convivial and relaxing and elegantly decorated.

Sails Restaurant and Wine Boutique is an upscale dining restaurant that is the brainchild of two young, ambitious and entrepreneurial cousins, Julius Yiga and Yassin Kayemba. 

It is situated along Port Bell road,  barely 10 km from Kampala City Center, in Luzira opposite Total Energies petrol station.

 Behind its modern setup we discovered that Sails has the kind of ambiance that is both convivial and relaxing and elegantly decorated.

It comprising three sections altogether. Outside one is greeted by a bar area bedecked with high stools while the inside area is better suited for dining and those cozy candle lit rendezvous/catch up occasions. At the very back, is a small but well stoked winery which also offers limited seating.

As we discovered, Sails has the rare advantage of having the flexibility of being a place from where you can work away from the office or simply a place to relax.

The ambiance

Yes, and I mean that as is exemplified by the choice of music that is played. The middle section has the kind of music which comprises of ballads by the likes of Roberta Flack, Whitney Houston, Taylor Dyane to mention just a few artistes.

Interspersed with ballads are soft or smooth jazz by artistes Kim Waters, Marc Antione, Peter White and a host of other musical luminaries far too many to mention.

Outside the music is more lively, slightly louder and of a different genre. Complementing the music is the lighting which is both subtle and refined and is best appreciated at night after sunset.  

It has been a month since Sails made its debut, although one could easily be forgiven for thinking that they have been open a lot longer.

As we discovered with fellow trencherman and the boys, they offer a Continental menu with the added bonus of sea foods while charging prices that are guaranteed not to leave a large hole in your pockets; they are reasonable and fair.

It is not often that one finds fresh salmon or calamari on offer in a Kampala joint, as the demand and interest grows, they promised us that in the near future they will be serving items like Red Snapper crustaceans such as lobsters, shrimps and prawns to name a few.

Naturally like any good customer driven eatery, the clients will be the ones who will determine the new range of products.

 The one signature dish that we found to be amazing, tender and extremely tasty is the Bunyaruguru, which is a range chicken that is delicately seasoned and grilled to perfection.

I am the first to admit that range chickens are far tastier than the cage reared broilers that are the norm, but generally have a tendency to be tough. I assure you that this signature tune is orgasmic and will guarantee a return visit to Sails.  

Although the present menu is still a bit limiting, at the time of our visit, I was reliably informed that more items are added on a daily basis until it becomes exhaustive.

Sails has got all kinds of drinks and they pride themselves at having mastered the art of preparing modern cocktails and mock tails.

We were privileged to catch up with the proprietors of this restaurant that has hit Kampala by storm and has caused media outburst this fast.

Yiga and Kayemba have big dreams for Sails and they assured us that the best is yet to come! 

And Why Sails I intoned?

In their words, they said, “what we dream of, is prosperity and posterity we want to offer an intergenerational service that will stand a taste of time while creating jobs for people and of course wealth for us and for this country.”

They add that most reasons why businesses tend to go to the grave with their owners is because the people that are left behind did not associate with them. For example, if you name your business after your name, it means that when you are gone its possible it will be said that ‘Oyo Yafa’ (that one died). That alone, is a setback.

“We have a dream of Sails serving forever after we are long gone. Secondly, if you know a little about marine life, Sails are those simple, soft pieces of cloth that move a ship across oceans through the strongest of the storms. On our side, this means that whatever the storms, come what may, we shall Sail through. To our Clients’, we Simply mean, whatever storms you are going through in your life, come Sail with us at Sails, we give you an environment to think and peace of mind. Sails with us at Sails.”

Bigger picture

The two state that, together, they want to create a brand that will be counted as a local outstanding brand, made in the Pearl of Africa yet International. They want to be able to employ as many as possible to changes lives. They want Sails to live on beyond ages countrywide and across borders. They add that although it may sound crazy, they are aiming for the moon, if they fail, at least they will shoot the brightest star!


Our rating: Not to be missed

The Place:  Sales Restaurant & Wine Boutique

Address:  Old Port Bell Road, Luzira. Opposite the TotalEnergies petrol station  

The Space:  Spacious and smartly laid out

Open:  Daily

Parking:  Ample and very safe

The Crowd: Mostly locals

The menu: Continental

The damage: A meal for two with some drinks will set you back at least shs 100’000/-

RATINGS: Not to be missed, worth a visit, OK/so so, don’t waste your time.

These ratings are purely the reviewer’s personal reaction to food, ambience and service with price being factored into consideration. The menu listings and prices are subject to change without notice.