The Mutebis had stress-free wedding

What you need to know:

  • Love at first sight. Stella Nalugo, a deaconess and David Mutebi, a pathfinder director met on March 27, 2022 during a church leadership seminar. 
  • For David, it was love at first sight. The newly wed couple tell their love story to Beatrice Nakibuuka.

“When I saw her, I liked her but I saw her from a distance. I, then approached a friend who knew her and I asked her for Stella’s phone contact,” David Mutebi, a pathfinder director says.

Later in the evening when David got home, he rang her. When he introduced himself, Stella realised that they both attended the same school, Lakeside College Luzira for O-Level.

“He was no stranger so it was not hard starting a conversation with him. At school, he had been serious and academic-oriented. He had changed,”  Stella, a deaconess recalls.

The two talked on phone for a month without any physical meeting. In April, their church organised a singles’ day out at Ggaba Beach which they attended. They met again during the youth camp at Kaazi and she reserved a place for him.

Interest expressed

On their second date, David mentioned that he was interested in her.

“From my assessment, my goal had been met and I was happy. She has a calm demeanour, she is God-fearing and I liked her size,” he shares.

The couple always went to the same place for their dates because of its ambience. In July, at that same place, he said he loved her and that he had future plans for both of them.

“I think this is how he proposed to me and I did not hesitate giving him a chance because he is hardworking and God-fearing,” she says.

Stella also remarks that since they were adults who felt they were ready for marriage, they did not waste a lot of time in dating. They had a similar goal and were mature enough to take decisions.

They then prepared for the kukyaala and introduction ceremonies which took place on November 13 and December 18, 2022 respectively.

Since David works at a school, the couple had to set a wedding date that fell in holidays. 

Preparations and cost cutting

Before drawing the budget, David remarks that he done thorough research about the price of the different services. He needed only Shs12m to fund his wedding. Their friends and family contributed.

“Since I am a youth leader, I have so many friends and many of them generously contributed in cash and in kind. The preparations for the wedding were not stressful at all,” he says.

David’s workplace provided a free public address system, a reception venue and brass band. A friend offered to decorate for them at a subsidised fee. Stella wanted nude make-up and a friend offered to do for her at Shs150,000. Food was the most expensive item and it cost the couple about Shs3m.

“I saved on the wedding suit because I  wore a master guide uniform, one of the most prestigious youth ministry uniforms in our church. I then changed into a custom made suit  by Mosh Fashions that cost  Shs200,000,” he explains.

The couple’s entourage also wore their youth ministry uniform. Stella’s maid of honour was her friend who is married and experienced.

 “She came in very handy during preparations and ensured that I was not stressed. She prayed for and with me throughout the preparations.”

On the eve of the wedding, Stella was at her uncle’s home in Kitintale where they had a farewell party while David was attending the final wedding meeting to ensure that everything was ready.

“After the last meeting, I was relaxed and was just looking around my house to see what I did not have that would be necessary after we got married,” he says. 

The moments

One of the best moments for the couple was the guard of honour that was done by the Pathfinders dressed in their uniform to usher David into church and thereafter the couple out of church as newlywed.

As a servant in the youth ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, there is no better congratulations that is befitting and honourable than making a guard of honour.  This involves marching and saluting the married man or woman who is a master guide and has wedded in a uniform.

Another of Stella’s best moments was when she saw her husband-to-be before the church function started while David loved the moment they exchanged vows.

The meaning of marriage

David thinks that marriage is a good and honourable thing.

“Even for the few days we have been together, I realise that I spend less than what I spent as a bachelor. It is possible to wed.  We fear weddings for no reason.”

Stella remarks that marriage is about understanding the other partner and knowing what they want.

“You choose to be happy or miserable. It takes some time to fully understand the person and when you finally do, it pays off.”


Date: May 21, 2023

Groom: David Mutebi

Bride: Stella Nalugo

Venue: SDA Church Mutungo

Main Celebrant: Pr Gerald Larry Lubega

Reception: Lakeside College, Luzira

Colour theme: Green and white

Budget: Shs12m

Guests: 400