They have each other’s back

The twins with a passion for singing. PHOTO/PHIONAH NASSANGA

What you need to know:

  • Twins. Amos Wasswa Lutaakome is a teacher and fashion designer while Samuel Kato Mawejje is a doctor at Kikajjo Grade II Hospital.
  • The twins are vocalists for Acapella Shalom Music group. Phionah Nassanga finds out how close they are.

Your favourite childhood memories with Kato…?

I think our mother realised Kato was annoyed, and a week later, she bought him a pair of the shoes.   This was because we always wanted to look alike and for that matter went to the same schools.  
Has there ever been a time when you were mistaken for the other?
During a football match, my brother and I were in different teams. Despite our different football jerseys, our teammates and cheerleaders mixed us up.  Whenever Kato scored for his team, the cheerleaders would praise me to the extent that the team members got into a heated argument about us. As if that is not enough, our mother still mistakes our voices.  
What is it that people do not know about your brother?
Physically, he presents a quiet façade, which gives an impression of an introvert, and when he does something many least expect of him, they seem surprised. 
What was it like attending the same schools? 
We always competed and I aimed at beating him. However, at some point I accepted that he was better than me because he is a doctor and I am a teacher.  
What annoys you about him?
Kato is sometimes too serious over small issues.  In most of the cases he expects me to be on the same bandwagon. He is quiet and people believe he is humble, yet he is strict.  
Who sings better?
That is for you to decide because as children, we loved singing and have taken it on as a hobby. The only difference is that he sings soprano, alto, tenor, bass, and high tenor. 
Do you ever keep secrets from each other?
I do not think so, even when we agree to disagree. 
What habit would you wish to change about him?
My brother is too quick to make some decisions, yet we sometimes ought to slow down in order to take proper  decisions. 
What is your favourite memory together?
This year on our birthday, other members of Acapella Shalom music group surprised us with cake.  These members invited us to join them for practice, but when we entered, it was a warm birthday melody. 
If he got arrested, what is the first thing that would come to mind?
 I would go to police and try to find out why he was arrested, but I do not think I would believe it.
What is he most scared of?
My death, he keeps saying he would have lost not only a brother but a big part of him. 


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