Walunyolo doesn’t take people’s advice for granted

Sunday September 12 2021

Ivan Walunyolo Kamana.

By Phoebe Masongole

First thing you do in the morning
I start the day with a prayer and later head for my phone to check my email and messages.

What was your first job?
It was a marketing job when I was in my Senior Six vacation. The job was with Mukudu Investments, a tea spice company in Kampala. I worked for their Mbale branch though.  

Your first salary
It was Shs170,000 per month, this was still with Makudu Investments.

First best friend
It was Gilbert Webisa. We met at Mbale Comprehensive Secondary School in my O-Level, he is a friend I have kept to date.
Your first book to read
Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s The River Between, this was in Senior Three, this book sparked my love for literature.

First camera to use
It was Olympus, a very small camera that basically gave me the foundation, it helped me learn more about cameras.

Current camera
I have two cameras, a Sony professional camera and Panasonic Lumix FZ2500.


First car to drive
It was a Starlet that I drove for four months before acquiring a Corona Mark II.

Current job
I am a reporter at NTV Uganda based in Entebbe.

What is your biggest regret in life?
Not studying literature from Senior One, I feel like I missed a lot that would have been helpful today, for instance, understanding traditionalism and modernity.

First memorable experience 
There was this day I decided to join UBC as a trainee, while there, people kept approaching me to tell me how I was doing a good job at NTV, this encouraged me to work harder.

First relationship
This was in Senior Five at Mbale Comprehensive Secondary School, I fell for a Kenyan girl who was from Mombasa. No more details.

What mistake did you make that has affected your life?
My biggest mistake was ignoring Luganda as a subject in school. I would have perfected my written and spoken if I had always read Luganda. Today, I find it hard to write and read Luganda during bulletins. 

What advice did you get from your parents that changed your life?
My mother told me that I am the beginning and end of each step in my life while my father taught me that each failure is a lesson. Through their advice, I have managed to become what I am today.

Your goal in life
I work to inspire others.

Most memorable event
After graduation, I was lucky to get a job that paid fairly well, but at about the same time, I lost my father.

Life lesson
To appreciate the little things I get from people such as a piece of advice or help.