We became sisters 

Grace and Lucky met at Uganda Christian University in 2018 and their friendship blossomed. 

What you need to know:

  • Lucky Nabirye works at her mum’s shop as a mobile money agent and she does graphic designing and Grace is a writer and practicing poet. They met at Uganda Christian University in 2018 and their friendship blossomed. They share their journey with Esther Tusiime Byoona.


How do you describe Lucky?

Lucky is a kind person, beautiful inside out, she loves without reservation. She is goal oriented; when she puts her mind to something she makes sure she accomplishes it. She is hardworking and loves her family so much. She is a friend who listens to everything I say even when I can forget some things, she does not forget.

When did you become close?

 We met in 2018 through a mutual friend and then we developed a group of friends along the way. We spent most of our time together as a group. Towards the end of that semester we decided to stay together in hostel in the following semester. We became very close and it was so easy to live with Lucky. We understood and depended on each other and our friendship blossomed from then till now. 

How different and alike are you?

We like different things, she would rather be a business person and I would rather be a career person. She would rather work for something now like buying a new nice phone if she wants to but for me, I am a more practical person instead of buying a phone I would rather buy a sofa. We both love our families as well.

How would you describe your kind of relationship?

 Our relationship is a sisterhood.

Do you compete amongst yourselves?

No we do not compete, we support each other.

How often do you argue?

We disagree sometimes but, we do not argue we prefer talking about the situation.

If you got a call, that Lucky is in jail what crime would come to your mind? She robbed a bank.  

What can you do that she cannot do?                                                               

They are things I can do and she can do but they are things she does better than me and then they are things I can do better than her. I am good at writing and she is good at graphics designing.

The nickname you have for Lucky?                                                                  


What are the things you are both bad at?                                                            

We are bad at waking up early.

What has caused your disagreements?                                                            

I was planning to meet her mother back in 2018 and she told me I had to kneel while greeting her which I did not agree with. We disagreed for some more time regarding it but the time I met her I accepted that it was their way of life and I knelt.

Are they any habits you would change about Lucky?                                         

The habit I would change is if she would not tolerate people who take her for granted.

Who reads more?                                                                                                                           Grace.

What are the craziest things you have done together?                                                          Walking late at night to a party because we did not have power at our hostel, we were in slippers and pajamas .After the party we walked back to our hostel.

What are your biggest memories of her?                                                                                  One day she told me, you are no longer my friend you are my sister. It meant so much to me no one had ever told me that.

You’re fondest memories of her?                                                                                         

There was a time when we watched some series the whole night till morning. When we tried to sleep we could not because the series was so nice so we ending up watching till morning.

Any change about Lucky as you have grown closer?                                              

She is healthier.

How far can you go to help her?                                                                      

 There is no limitation to what I could do if she needed my help. She is very special to me.

What are the hobbies you share?                                                                        

We share writing poetry, love for dancing and food and we have a 


How do you describe Grace?                                                                                 

Grace is kind, loving and my confidante.

What type of relationship do you have with her?                                                                     She is my sister from another mother.                        

Do you think there is any competition between the two of you?             

No there is no competition.                                                                   

If you got a call that Grace was in jail, 

What crime would come to your mind?                                                                                    She could have beaten someone severely.

How different and alike are you?                                                                                    

She loves reading more and I just read at the end. I do not read in between. She is a go getter sometimes I relax but when she says she’s doing something she will do it.

What can you do that she cannot do?                                                                       

 I love dogs and she failed to love dogs.

Any nickname you have for Grace?                                                                      

Her nickname is Pumba.                                                                                                              What are the things you are both bad at?                                                                               

 We are bad at waking up early and time management.                                                          Any habits you would change about Grace?                                                               

There are no habits I would change.                                                                                           Who has more friends?                                                                                      

Grace has more friends.                                                                                                

Craziest things you have done together?                                                        

Walking together late at night.                                                                            

Who enjoys reading more?                                                                                                        


What are your biggest memories of her?                                                               

There was a time when I lost my cousin and another friend took me out for ice cream. When I came back to my hostel, she told me she almost climbed a balcony to check if I was there.

Any change about Grace as you have grown closer?                                           

She has opened her heart to people than she has before.

How far can you go to help her?                                                                                      

I will do anything for her.

Any hobbies you both share?                                                                    

Writing and we do not know how to swim.                                                                                                    



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