We knew we would get married

Aminu Kibuuka, a pastor and Caroline Mbabazi, a teacher. Photo | Courtesy

What you need to know:

  • The two started dating in 2015.  Asked about the proposal, Caroline says they knew they wanted to be together and there was no need for a formal proposal.

Aminu Kibuuka, a pastor and Caroline Mbabazi, a teacher at Kabojja International School met at Gulu University.

“We met in 2014 during a fellowship where we had been paired to do door-to-door evangelism,” Aminu says.

At the time, he was in third year and Caroline in the first year.

He says after the activity, they started talking and exchanged phone numbers.

 “We used to buy bulk SMS to last a week so that we chat to each other but they would be finished in three days. Then, we bought more,” Caroline recalls.

The two started dating in 2015.  Asked about the proposal, Caroline says they knew they wanted to be together and there was no need for a formal proposal.

Preparing for functions

Instead they had a kukyaala in December 2018 at  the home of Caroline’s uncle in Nansana, Wakiso District. Here, they had 40 guests; 11 people from Aminu’s family and 29 from Caroline’s.

They scheduled kwanjula for May 11, 2019 at Caroline’s home in Luweero.

Asked how the preparations went for the kwanjula, she says support played a bigger role.

“My father and I were involved in the functions financially, and my aunts were supportive in other areas,” she recalls. For the service providers the couple got one who provided food and tents.

Caroline says working with one service provider made the preparations less hectic.

For Aminu, the preparations delayed.

“We started preparing at the end of March and there was some pressure towards the end, but God was faithful,” he says.

Caroline says because of the little time given for preparation, Aminu could not bring all bride price to the introduction ceremony.

“My father talked to Aminu and they agreed to fulfill their obligation before the wedding,” she says.

Caroline says her matron for introduction had an aunt who deals in traditional attire. They hired their outfits from her.

“I did not spend any money for the entourage attire in the introduction,” she recalls.

And the wedding

“From the introduction I had learnt a few lessons; we started preparations early enough to reduce the tension,” he says.

Aminu says his brother had bought him a suit for his wedding earlier but they had challenges getting a venue near the church due to the high fees.

“According to our budget, the reception venue was the most expensive,” he says.

The couple settled for Nyangi Terrace Gardens, Kanyanya.

“We wanted another service provider who would bring us food and it would make it easier for the decorators,” she adds.

Service providers delivered except the decorator who gave them a hard time because he wanted them to pay all the money before the wedding.

The couple had their counselling for a month at Miracle Centre Cathedral.

There, Caroline learnt how to handle finances as a couple and family.Aminu says he learnt how to prioritise family over ministry and other spheres of life.

Choosing the entourage

Aminu had five groomsmen who were his friends from Gulu University.

“I had two former course mates and three from our Christian fellowship. They were good gentlemen and they helped me with dance strokes,” he notes.

The bestman was Aminu’s close friend from university.

“He was so supportive and stood with me since the kukyaala,” he adds.

Caroline says the groomsmen bought their suits from different shops and they were smart. They were his close friends.

She adds that her bridesmaids consisted family and friends.

“Three of my friends were from university, one from my home church and my sister-in-law,” she recalls adding that she preferred to have guests from the same background well- represented in the entourage.”

 Caroline says her maid of honour was her close friend from university and she offered to help her out at the introduction ceremony.

She took asked of one of her bridesmaids who is a tailor to whom she handed over anything outfit related. She is said to have done a good job.


Caroline says they expected two cars for transporting her entourage but got one car instead. Aminu adds that after the church service, it started raining which delayed them since they had to take pictures before going to the reception.


Aminu says men should not delay getting married because of money.

“It is better to develop with your wife,” he says.

Caroline adds that it is important to pray for the functions and the marriage.


Date: August 10, 2019

Groom: Aminu Kibuuka

Bride: Caroline Mbabazi

Church: Miracle Centre Cathedral, Rubaga

Officiant: Pastor Andrew Mwesigwa