We often met for church activities

When and how did you meet?
Simon Peter: We met at a school reunion for the legion of Mary movement in 2005.
Anne Mary: I was in Senior Three but I heard about him when I was in Senior One (2003) from legionaries. Those who had attended the Lugazi Schools reunion that year came back talking about a handsome seminarian they had met. I was intrigued and wanted to see him just for the sake, and as luck had it I finally met the “handsome” seminarian in 2005.

How did the two of you manage to keep your friendship live?
Simon Peter: Towards the end of high school we had exchanged contacts so I would call my dear Catholic friend once or twice a year just to check on her like any of my other friends.
Anne Mary:We became friends in A-Level, even then we barely communicated because on my part it was clear that seminarians were not allowed to receive letters from girls.
However, we exchanged contacts just before we broke off for Senior Six vacation and we communicated occasionally.

When did you get close and how?
Simon Peter: If my memory serves me right it must have been towards the end of 2012. We often met for church activities at Christ the king.
Anne Mary: It was after university. We had barely communicated since Senior Six vacation so Simon called me to meet him. We met at Christ the king during the lunch break mass which we had both coincidentally been attending but had never met.
It was then that he told me his story of leaving the seminary which I thought was really sad because I believed that he would make a very good priest and a handsome one at that.
However, we kept in touch and spoke more thereafter and eventually grew closer.

Did you introduce her to your family members?
Simon Peter: How do you even marry someone you have never introduced? Well, my family had interacted with her a couple of times as one of my friends so one time I told my siblings that I had someone I needed them to meet officially and one Sunday evening we met, I introduced her as the person I intend to spend the rest of my life with. I then told them that I also intend to bring our parents on board.

When was your first date?
Anne Mary: I do not remember. All I know is that we were friends until we surpassed friendship.

Did he propose to you?
Anne Mary:He proposed to marry me at a time I did not expect it. That day, I had spoken to him and he sounded so low. I decided to take him for ice cream after work just to cheer him up. It was a Tuesday and pizza was at half price at Dominc’s (former Dominos) instead he took me for pizza. He proposed to me between mouthfuls of pizza and all I remember was telling him not to get on his knees because it would attract so much attention from others.

What was her reaction?
Simon Peter: you would not want to know this, ( as he laughs) see she struggled to stop me from getting on my knees, then she glowed with a beautiful smile amidst disbelief and got teary.
What attracted you to each other?
Simon Peter: She is a woman of faith, so peaceful and very calm. Her simplicity yet not simplistic nature drew my attention.
Anne Mary: The fact that he is Catholic, genuinely cares about people, was enough.

How did you come up with the guest list?
Simon Peter: Initially, we hoped to have a small intimate wedding of about 100 close friends and family. After consulting with our families, the guest list came up to 400 and this changed the unique plans we had earlier conceived.

Did you involve a wedding planner?
Anne Mary: No, we did most of the planning ourselves with the help of our wedding committee.

What was your wedding day eve like?
Simon Peter: I barely slept on the wedding eve. I woke up at 4.30am and headed to Anne Mary’s home with my siblings to receive her from her parents. I think they wished she could stay a little longer. Later, we took her to the salon as we also headed to fit in the day’s programme.
Anne Mary: On my wedding eve, I slept for two hours. I left my parents’ home at 6.45am. I was taken to where my team and I were to get ready from and later we went to church. All went well in fact it was a happy day.

What was your colour theme?
Simon Peter: Anne Mary chose royal blue and silver.
Anne Mary: Yes, because they represent royalty and glamour.

What was your budget?
Simon Peter: About Shs20m.

How did you raise your funds wedding?
Simon Peter: Through our savings and contribution from friends and families.
Who dressed you on your wedding?
Anne Mary: William Mugagga dressed my team.
Simon Peter: Fashion House dressed my team.

What was the most expensive item?
Simon Peter: I think it was decoration which went for about Shs3.8m.

How did you choose your entourage?
Simon Peter: I chose guys that have been special to me, and each uniquely mean something to certain phases of my life. When I look back, I can only find one word for them, “family”.
Anne Mary: I looked out for people that make me comfortable.

What was the cost of your cake?
Anne Mary: Our 12– tier vanilla and chocolate cake was baked by Olivia’s Bakery in Nansana. It cost Shs1.2m.

What is your advice to those planning to walk down aisle?
Simon Peter: I’m not an expert in this but I know one thing for sure that love is not enough! The wedding is a one-off whereas marriage is a lifetime commitment. So, consult God and marry a friend.
Anne Mary: Make up your mind then work towards it. Above all trust God to help.

The groomsmen wowed with blue velvet jackets and bow ties. They broke away from the traditional norm of black tuxedos.

You cannot run out of options if you have the fees to hire classy cars. It is not just the appearance but the comfort that counts to give the couple a bump-free ride.

Where you choose to take photos on your wedding day counts. The setting should be romantic and memorable. Simon Peter and Ann Mary chose the backdrop of Sheraton Kampala Hotel because it is spacious and gives the impression of modernity fused with nature.


The bride chose a voluminous gown with hints of lace on the sleeves because it fits her shapely plus size. This blended well with the long train which looked like they had been tailored together.


The couple bought their rings from Radha Jewellers in Kampala. Each ring cost Shs 800,000. The rings were made of yellow gold. They felt that the traditional colour of the bands looked beautiful and sentimental.


Your clergy friends should not feel left out on such a day. The Kabugos did not let their clergy friends stop in church. They too were invited to the reception and given chance to make a speech.

The details
Date: December 15, 2016
Groom: Simon Peter Kyeya Kabugo
Bride: Anne Mary Tinkasiimire
Bestman: Innocent Ssekiziyivu Kabugo
Matron: Immaculate Mukuye
Church: Our Lady of Africa, Mbuya
Reception: Glory Gardens Namugongo.
Guests: 400
Budget: Shs20m


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