WhatsApp: Musicians attack each other over Range Rover

Sunday September 26 2021
By Jacobs Odongo Seaman

Music pop star Bebe Cool has been the face of musicians in NRM. He has literally dragged many artistes by the ears to go prostrate and help the Leopard maintain its spots amid the torrential rains. 

But last week, some clever in the same party that can make Bebe briefly forget about Zuena handed a Range Rover to Chameleone instead. An invested WhatsApp chat shows how the musicians reacted to the development.

Buchaman: Are we all going to pretend like we don’t know what has happened?
Kirya: What has happened?
Buchaman: The Range Rover. Does that mean Bebe Cool gets a private Uganda Airlines?
Nzamba: But my man, they are called planes. Uganda Airlines is the airline.
Buchaman: Yes, I meant a private airline.
Keko: It’s a private jet or plane. Come to think of it, Bebe when do we get a Neo gift. I surely will kneel with you when that time comes.
Weasel: I say bomboc**t this. You should keep quiet because it’s not a comparison thing. 
Bebe: I’ve Zuena and she’s better than ten Range Rovers and any Neos.
A Pass: But did they give the log book too or was he kneeling down for just a key?
Nola: @A_Pass, are you suggesting URA can impound the Range Rover?
A Pass: @Nola bladdi wange, I didn’t suggest anything. The man himself is here. I was hoping he would tell us if all is well because some people are given things like that during day and then at night there is nothing.
Weasel: He was given the Range Rover at night, you fool.
Cindy: Then is still there or did it disappear by the morning?
Bosmic: Hmm! I can relate. People said my car was taken.
Manzi: Sabula!
Weasel: Who is this @Manzi now?
Papa Cidy: That’s our legend Clever J of the ‘Manzi Wanani’ fame.
Rabadaba: Why Chamilli get a pon ride and Buchaman get no pon ride? Anyway, can’t we just sue the NRM as musicians?
Sheebah: Have you seen Sudhir suing KCCA for renaming Wampewo Avenue yet he has done more and not yet got a name after himself?
Azion: How much in taxes will URA grab from Chamilli though?
Firebase: Spies are not taxed. They even drive around in fake plates. That UBJ could even be fake.
Orlando: This is where I say Sisonga as long as the man will not sweat like the frog in Nankokona.
Raga Dee: @Orlando, stop promoting your faded songs on the group. Go to bars.
Ntale: The bars are still closed.
Chameleone has left the group
Fille: Now who has ‘lefted’?
A Pass: That’s even better. We can now jazz freely otherwise someone would have got a second Range Rover for reporting our chats on here.
Cindy: Admin, add him back.
Nzamba: He can’t be added back for sometime but he has other numbers here. That was just his other number.
Pia Pound: Some of us are running away with carpets and TVs from our man’s home and the man is getting a Range Rover, what do I do to get a Vitz?
Spice Diana: Convince Besigye to apologise and return to serve as a minister.
Tigan: So who did Chameleone return to NRM?
Weasel: Go and listen to Nekolela Mali.
Firebase: But Weasel, surprised you’re still on this group. @Tigan, some people could be behind the drones so they get them rides in return.
Bugembe: Praise the Living God! The man has opened churches at last.
Cindy: It’s not like Chameleone will tithe the Range Rover in your church, pastor.