Who will complain about the other Bad Blacks in leadership?

Sunday October 03 2021
By Jacobs Odongo Seaman

Being clever by a half is always a very bad idea. However, things speed into the worst case scenario when the guy being clever by a half is actually a don coming straight from State captivity.

I didn’t want to imagine if the don and Shanita Namuyimbwa, aka Bad Black, have been exchanging texts in French and German, but what I know is that the way this don was looking at Bad Black in that picture of the unveiling only helped the gutter minds.

Even when I worked as an apprentice in a shrine back in the good old days, I never once saw the ‘waganga’ look at cowry shells so longingly. And these were divination sessions where they had to pay peer into the souls of the cowries to divine the right message from the gods.

And, just like that, the don and his clever have been hung out to dry by the same public that just yesterday also complained wildly that Bad Black when Ministry of Health (MoH) used her as a Covid-19 brand ambassador of sorts.
In case you missed it, last year MoH and its partners had Bad Black record messages urging the adherence to Covid-19 prevention measures. Bad Black later demanded cash reward and MoH paid.

At the time, my records show, everyone was up in arms. They said Bad Black did not qualify to be paid a coin from national coffers because she wears fishnet leggings to work. They were so angry that they threatened to go to Wandegeya and drag Dr Jane Ruth Aceng by the stethoscope all the way to City Square for public flogging.

Of recent, the same guys who complained about a university appointing Bad Black as a brand ambassador have been in a frenzy, calling out the Leopard for appointing to Cabinet several chaps whose execution of their duties meets the description of phlegm in a hospital laboratory.


I asked my friend Nassozi why they aren’t taking the protest high by undressing to make the Leopard understand their grievances, but she said that there is no picture evidence that the spotted animal was looking at his ministers longingly the way the good don did.

At this point, I explained that the good don was probably starved after a few days locked in a room with sedated snakes and scorpions, and that the poor man had been so scared he would not live to eat in a bean pod again, the reason he came all out shooting.

Nassozi said that maybe it is because those appointed to Cabinet have at least gone to school. She urged me not to entertain in my own head any thoughts that a minister who would have been working directly with Bad Black had the university not pulled the brand ambassadorial red carpet under her feet is also “just there-there.”

“That don, he should have known that you can’t have your Bad Black and eat it too,” Nassozi said.
“How about the Leopard and his nani?” I asked.
“Hmm!” she replied.