Afcon 2021 will provide snapshot of gains , but don’t hold your breath ahead of Qatar 2022

Author: Robert Madoi is a sports journalist and analyst. PHOTO/FILE/NMG.

What you need to know:

  • After hitting rock bottom, the only way should be up, but not for African teams

Your columnist counts himself amongst the legion of Ugandan journalists Kevin Aliro (RIP) left an indelible mark on. Fondly referred to as KA, Aliro ruled respective newsrooms with an iron fist in a velvet glove. He would at once fill a foot soldier with inexpressible terror and joy unconfined.
Feelings did not just bubble on the surface on his watch; they shot up like spewing volcanoes! Aliro pursued truth with a theological sense of conviction – once memorably revealing in The Observer newsroom that he would not think twice about naming and shaming his mother in the event that she was caught shoplifting. Given how he always spoke glowingly about his mother, a few of us (newbies) almost gave in to the temptation of accusing KA of hyperbole.


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