Lack of ICT equipment hampers teaching, learning languages

Tuesday August 04 2020
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Bakiga traditional dancers entertain guests led by French ambassador to Uganda, Mr Jules-Armand Aniambossou (center) following their visit to Kabale university. PHOTO BY ROBERT MUHEREZA.

Kabale University administration have listed lack of Information Communication Technology (ICT) equipment and other e-learning equipment as a serious challenge to the teaching and learning of both local and foreign languages.

The University vice chancellor, Prof Joy Kwesiga and the director of language institute Prof Manuel Mulanga made the observation during the French Ambassador to Uganda, Jules Armand Aniambossou’s visit.
The visit was intended to address challenges encountered in the teaching of the French language.

“At the institute of languages where we offer graduate and under graduate courses in French, Kiswahili, Runyakitara and English, we are faced with lack of appropriate ICT and other e-learning equipment to facilitate the teaching and learning process. Limited opportunities for retooling lecturers and need for scholarships to help the needy but brilliant students are some of the other challenges,” Prof Mulanga said.
Ambassador Aniambossou acknowledged that the teaching and learning of French in Uganda is declining despite being surrounded by Francophone countries such as Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo and promised to do his best to revive the trend.

“Kigezi region bordering with Rwanda and DR Congo which are French speaking countries, Ugandans have all the reasons to learn French language. We need to think about the future and how we can change the situation and make it better because teaching French language is number one priority of the French embassy in Uganda. We will do everything possible in our means so that Ugandans have access
to quality teaching and learning of French language,” Mr Aniambossou said.

Only 34 out of 3,500 students at Kabale University are pursuing graduate and under graduate courses in the French language.
With only 405 teachers of French in the 13 regions of Uganda, there is a lot more to be done to increase the enrolment of teachers and learners, according to the ambassador.