Surging population in boarding schools breeding ground for homosexuality- cleric

Bishop of West Ankole Diocese, Rt.  Rev. Johnson Twinomujuni 

What you need to know:

  • Twinomujuni who is the fourth bishop of the West Ankole Diocese argued that no extra care is being ensured by school administrators

As anti-homosexuality sentiments continue to be echoed in communities across the country, several politicians and religious leaders have come out openly to slam what they have described as a growing trending of unorthodox sexual practices by the LGBTQ people.
The Bishop of West Ankole Diocese, Rt.  Rev. Johnson Twinomujuni is one of such people leaders who have voiced their concerns, arguing that congestion in schools weeks after they opened for a new academic year could provide a fertile ground for acts of homosexuality. 
According to the bishop, when the schools opened for the first term, many of them received students in huge numbers, got filled but did not care about the congestion and the students of the same sexes sleeping together, something he fears could exacerbate gay activities in school communities. 

"I just found out that because of a need for big numbers in our schools, many keep admitting without caring about the consequences. Some schools are getting highly populated. This creates challenges, ranging from poor sanitation to improper feeding, to ineffective assessment of learners, etc, but many don't look closely at the state of affairs in dormitories and halls of residence," Bishop said on Thursday.
"Someone called me this morning expressing concern that in some one-gender schools, there's too much congestion that two students share a bed! That is, two girls or boys sleep together on a bed! They are paired and piled over one another on bunk or loft beds. This is happening when the world is faced with a fleet of problems of homosexuality," he added. 
Twinomujuni who is the fourth bishop of the West Ankole Diocese argued that no extra care is being ensured by school administrators. He explained that school have few inspectors and board members who care to visit, only peep into the dormitories or look furtively at made beds during the day when there are no students while at night, the situation is different and shocking. 

He tasked the parents to reach schools to be able to monitor the situation before things get out of hand, adding that head teachers need to be good stewards and protect the children that have been entrusted to them by parents. 
"Dear parents, beware and alert! You have a right to reach these schools and know the living conditions of your child. Board and PTA members, do your work diligently. Dear head teachers, be good stewards. Look beyond money to protect the lives of our children. Be ready to put a seal on admissions so you don't cause a crisis," the bishop advised.
They relate also appealed to the Ministry of Education through the District Education Departments, and the Church, through the Provincial and Diocesan Education Secretariats, to take serious charge of the matter and tighten their inspectorate and supervisory role in schools. 

While Officiating at the national celebrations to mark Janani Luwum Day at Wii-Gweng village in Mucwini Sub-County, Kitgum District last week, President Museveni said Uganda will not embrace homosexuality and the West should stop seeking to impose its views to compel dissenting countries to normalize” what he called “deviations”.
The President’s remarks were in response to pleas by the Church of Uganda Archbishop, His Grace Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu, for the government to join the Church in condemning homosexuality and legislating against it.