Alebtong residents threaten to vote out corrupt leaders

Monday December 14 2020

A woman presents her views during the public dialogue organised by Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group at Alebtong District headquarters on December 9. PHOTO/BILL OKETCH.

By Bill Oketch

Residents of Alebtong District have threatened to vote out all corrupt politicians in the 2021 General Election. 

During a public dialogue organised by Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG) at Alebtong District headquarters on December 9, the residents said a lot of public resources have always been abused or eaten by money-minded public servants who are entrusted with the power to execute development programmes on behalf of the people. 

Mr William Ocaka, a community representative from Omoro Sub-county, demanded accountability for money meant for special interest groups that are sent every financial year to the district but has never reached the target beneficiaries. 

“I hear Shs1.4m is meant for persons with disabilities like me but none of us has ever received it yet it is sent yearly to the sub-county,” he said.  
Many residents accused district leaders of failing to use money sent by the central government for different development projects properly. 

They said sometimes the money is sent back at the end of every financial year yet they do not have access to quality services. 

Ms Dorine Nkakusuma, the Alebtong deputy chief administrative officer, said delays by contractors in doing the works contracted to them makes the district fail to spend all the money sent by the central government.


She said the government has put in place guidelines for information flow from districts down to the grassroots which needs to be adhered to by local leaders including those that are elected. 

During the dialogue leaders were urged to involve locals in decision making and the budget process for transparency and accountability in the use of public finance. 

Ms Annabel Ogwang, the country director for Diakonia Uganda, said public resources including budget allocation are most of the times abused by people in authority. 

To be accountable, she said, leaders should be answerable and responsible for all activities that they conduct on behalf of the people.  One way of doing this is through involving the community in the budget making process where they can ask questions and hear for themselves how their money is going to be used. 

“Misallocation of resources, wrong prioritisation, abuse and mismanagement of public resources are rampant in some places because leaders do not involve the real people, and everything they do, they do in secrecy,” she said.