Besigye under house arrest after attempt to protest skyrocketing commodity prices

Former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye was intercepted by security operatives and returned to his home in Kasangati, Wakiso District as he attempted to get out in a new drive dubbed awakening the citizens of Uganda on May 12, 2022. PHOTOS/ ABUBAKER LUBOWA 

What you need to know:

  • More security operatives have been deployed around Dr Besigye’s house to prevent him from leaving

The leader of a political pressure group, People's Transition Group, Dr Kizza Besigye, has been put under house arrest after he was intercepted by security operatives following his attempt to mobilise Ugandans to raise up against the high cost of living which he said was affecting vulnerable common citizens whom he said belong to the "cassava" republic.

Addressing journalists at his home in Kasangati in Wakiso District, Dr Besigye who was flanked by Kampala City Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago and three aides standing behind his tinted land cruiser while holding placards with inscriptions "We can't breathe, reduce the cost of living” and another saying, “Transition now, not Succession”, stormed the streets.

He first attempted to access the main road from his home using the eastern gate but upon sighting heavily deployed security officers, he decided to use the alternative pathway to his home.
However, as he attempted to connect to the main road, he was intercepted by a dozen of security operatives donned in police uniform.

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They dragged him by his pair of trousers and pushed him back into his compound.  By the time of filing this story, more security operatives had been deployed and surrounded Dr Besigye’s house to prevent him from leaving.

While addressing journalists before his arrest, Dr Besigye asked government to downsize parliament whose over 500 members have proved to be costly for Ugandans to maintain. He also said President Museveni should do away with Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) whose roles can be played by the Chief Administrative officers.
Additionally, Dr Besigye suggested that government should reclaim the monies swindled by corrupt officials so that it can be used to enhance salaries of civil servants and give relief to schools, among others.

A riot police officer deployed at Dr Kizza Besigye's home on May 12, 2022. PHOTO/ ABUBAKER LUBOWA

"We now have a cassava republic and a bread republic. We should get this money back so that the cassava republic can get something to eat. The RDCs should go back home and grow cassava so that there can be enough cassava in the market that can be bought by members of cassava republic, "he said.
He also demanded that government relaxes taxes on essential commodities to make them more affordable to the vulnerable common people.
According to Dr Besigye, a four-time presidential contender, some Ugandans, including security officers have resorted to stealing due to the economic crisis Uganda is in.

"Here in Kasangati, some police officers connive with thieves to steal license plates from cars.The people who steal even leave behind their telephone numbers and when you contact them, they ask for Shs100,000.This  is how bad the situation is," he said.
He said he is ready to sacrifice his life for the sake of securing the lives of Ugandans.


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