Bishops speak out on Ntagali’s adultery claims

Wednesday January 20 2021
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Retired Anglican Archbishop Stanley Ntagali.

By Robert Muhereza

Retired Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Stanley Ntagali has been banned from carrying out priestly duties for alleged involvement in an extra-marital affairs with a married woman.
It is alleged that the Archbishop emeritus sired a child with a married woman, an incident that happened last year.

Teaching about adultery

One of the Ten Commandments, according to the Book of Exodus 20:14 is: You shall not commit adultery.

“Marriage should be honoured by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral,” 
Hebrews 13:4


In January 2020, Namirembe Diocese, the first Church of Uganda diocese founded in 1890, suspended Rev Ronald Kalende of St Stephen’s Church Mwererwe in Gombe sub-county, Wakiso District, a week to his wedding after he admitted fathering a child with a church choir pianist.


In December 2019, Archbishop Stephen Kazimba revoked the consecration and enthronement of Rev Charles Okunya Oode as the second Bishop of Kumi Diocese following accusations that the latter had fathered a child in an extra-marital affair.
·In May 2018, Luweero Diocese was rocked by allegations of aggravated defilement by high-ranking priests of Church of Uganda and two other lay church leaders.

This is what other bishops said about Ntagali’s adultery claims

 “If [the allegation] is true, that means sin is real and not debatable. Sin is inherent in all persons whether bishops or archbishops; it is certainly sad [and] regrettable. We pray that God helps the former archbishop to repent,” Bishop Sheldon Mwesigwa, Ankole Diocese

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Bishop Samuel Gidudu, North Mbale Diocese

 “I appeal to the Christians to stay calm … As a believer, I know that everyone shall be held accountable for [their] actions. Christians must always keep faith in God and always remember to protect their being saved in Jesus Christ,” Bishop Dan Zoreka, Kinkiizi Diocese  

“I am hearing it in rumour, I can’t comment now. I will have to first talk to the Archbishop [Stephen Kazimba],” Bishop Nathan Ahimbisibwe, South Ankole Diocese  

 “I am just hearing those things in rumours and [reading them on] social media. I cannot comment about the matter until I have talked to the archbishop over it,” 
Bishop Cranmer Mugisha, Muhabura Diocese

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Bishop Cranmer Mugisha, Muhabura Diocese and Bishop Dan Zoreka, Kinkiizi Diocese

The Church is still alive and there are sinners who have chance to repent, no sinner is written off. The Church remains with its mission to evangelise to the whole world the good news which is Jesus Christ,”  
Bishop Samuel Kahuma, Bunyoro Kitara Diocese 

 “I’m not commenting on the matter because I did not receive copy of the letter from archbishop of Church of Uganda written to former Archbishop informing us that he has been stopped from presiding over church functions. I don’t know whether that information is true or not,” Bishop Benon Magezi, North Kigezi Diocese

“I don’t speak for the Church of Uganda because the Archbishop already released a statement on that matter and I cannot add anything,”  Bishop Henry Katumba-Tamale, West Buganda Diocese

“It’s unbelievable that a servant of God could have done that, but I encourage Christians to remain faithful. These could be allegations from the agents of the devil because if the retired senior servant of God had such behaviours, then he couldn’t have served as a clean man,” Bishop Samuel George Bogere Egesa, Bukedi Diocese 

 “I’m somewhere, but I’m getting calls about the same issue. I shall be ready to give a comment later. I’m getting bits of news from concerned Christians. Where I’m right now, I’m not accessing good information, let me first get the news in-depth,” Bishop Johnson Twinomujuni, West Ankole Diocese

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Bishop Samuel Kahuma, Bunyoro Kitara Diocese and Bishop Reuben Kisembo, Ruwenzori Diocese

 “We pray for the Church, the Church is greater than an individual. It is very unfortunate. To the flock, let them stay calm, salvation is personal and Satan fears no one,” Bishop George Turyasingura, East Ruwenzori Diocese

 “As Church of Uganda, we have a communication officer. If there are any issues, talk to him or her. I cannot comment on that matter,” Bishop Samuel Gidudu, North Mbale Diocese 

It is unfortunate, sad and a warning to us religious leaders to mind our moral integrity and not involve in such scandals. It’s a shame to the Church and a warning to all of us leaders at that level to desist from such temptations because it’s a shame to the Church of Christ,” Bishop Reuben Kisembo, Ruwenzori Diocese 

I am not aware of anything about the retired Archbishop and I can’t comment on something I don’t know. Let me first consult on what you are talking about and I will comment later,” Bishop Michael Lubowa, Central Buganda Diocese 

 “I am not aware, but let me find out before I can comment, maybe later,” Bishop Patrick Gidudu, Mbale Diocese  

 “The Church has not made an official communication yet, so I can’t make a comment on that regard,” Bishop Nason Baluku, South Rwenzori Diocese.

“I will share my views with you when the House of Bishops sits to resolve the matter. May be the Archbishop sat down with a few bishops to discuss the issue,” Bishop John Charles Odur Kami, Kumi Diocese