EC official’s death: Priest asks mourners to let police probe

Tuesday January 26 2021
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Richardson Tabu

By Denis Opoka

The Rev Fr Paul Okot of St Marys’ Catholic Parish Kitgum, has asked mourners to allow the relevant security institutions to do their work in regard to the death of Electoral Commission (EC) official.
Richardson Tabu, 33, a secretary at the Electoral Commission offices in Gulu City was killed on January 8.

 Tabu reportedly left his home in Opwoyomal Village, Laroo Division in Gulu City and went to his work place at Senior Quarters. However, due to the workload, Tabu had to forego lunch and when it clocked 6pm, he decided to leave office to get some food and return for work.
 But Tabu did not return to both the workplace and home, something that prompted the parents to report the matter to police the following day. 

After several announcements, his body was discovered on January 15 in Laroo forest, Gulu East, Gulu City.
 “Although some people might reach a conclusion that the deceased was killed over political issues, it is too early to make such a conclusion and they should also consider other social factors of the deceased,’’ he  advised.
Rev Fr Okot was speaking to mourners at Lakwelle-Okato Village, Mucwiny Sub-county in Kitgum District during the deceased’s burial on Saturday. 

The chairperson of Okwuda-Paromo clan, Mr Walter Okello Nyeko, where the deceased comes from, said police must expedite the investigations into his death and bring the culprits to book.
  “As clan members, we are very eager and desperate to hear the outcome of the police investigation. Sometimes, whenever someone is killed by an unknown person, after the burial, police normally relax their investigation,’’ he said.

Closed-door meeting held 
A closed-door meeting was later held between clan members and EC officials. 
One clan member, who preferred anonymity, told Daily Monitor that clan members asked the EC officials to explain what transpired on the fateful day when the deceased disappeared.
 The clan members also demanded explanation from the EC officials on how the deceased left office without his motorcycle or phone yet he always moved with them. 
The parties, however, agreed to cooperate with police in the investigations.

Dedicated staff
 Ms Sarah Bukirwa, the regional electoral officer in northern region, described the deceased as a dedicated and dependable staff, adding that he had left a huge gap in the EC.
The EC also contributed Shs5 million towards the burial expenses.
 Aswa River regional spokesperson Jimmy Patrick Okema said there was no sign of strangling on Tabu’s body.
He alleged that the deceased could have been forced to take a chemical which later led to his death.