Father, 30, charged with defiling three-month-old daughter

Friday September 24 2021
By Betty Ndagire

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has ordered for trial of a father accused of defiling his three months old daughter.

During a video conferencing session at Buganda Road Chief Magistrate's Court on Friday, Zaidi Kanonko,30, was committed to the High Court after the state prosecutor presented an indictment signed by DPP.

Court heard from the indictment that on September 19, 2020, in Geregere village in Buikwe District, at about 5pm the complainant who is victim's mother left the baby with Kanonko at home as she left for the market to buy some food.

"The complainant returned about 20 minutes later, only to find Kanonko had undressed the baby and he had changed into shorts from a pair of trousers, and laying on top of the toddler. When he (Kanonko) noticed the complainant's presence he quickly moved from that position and sat on the bed," the indictment reads in part.

"The complainant asked the accused what he was doing but could not answer. She (mother) picked a stick and hit the accused who could not retaliate but fled from home. She did not check the baby immediately," the indictment reads.

This committal documents explains that at night the complainant checked the genitals of her baby and realised they were swollen and red, a sign that she had been sexually abused. She informed her neighbour who as well checked the baby and confirmed the mother's greatest fear.


The mother further said she informed Kanonko of the baby' condition on phone but he did not return home until morning.

However, in the morning both the complainant and Kanonko took the baby to Kawolo Hospital, for a checkup but upon examination of the baby the doctor immediately called police because of the suspicious condition of the baby.

The doctor told police that the baby had fresh wounds on its genitals, a sign that it had been sexually abused.

Kanonko was arrested from Kawolo Hospital before he was examined and found to be of sound mind and able to stand trial.