Former Trade minister laid to rest

Monday July 26 2021

Ms Mary Karooro Okurut, the presidential adviser on public relations, lays a wreath on Can. Azarius Ndiira Baryaruha’s casket in Bushenyi District at the weekend. phOTO/ MILTON BANDIHO

By Milton Bandiho

President Museveni has eulogised the former minister of Trade and Industry in the Uganda National Liberation Front (UNLF) government, Canon Azarius Ndiira Baryaruha, as a patriot and noble statesman.
In a message read for him by presidential adviser on public relations, Ms Mary Karooro Okurut, the President described the late Baryaruha as a hardworking, intelligent and nationalist who greatly contributed to Uganda’s economic growth.

“Mzee Baryahyha has run a good race and kept his faith in education, family life, development, politics and his relationship with God. The only way we can honour him and his legacy is by emulating his good deeds,” Mr Museveni said during his burial in Nyaruzinga, Bushenyi District, at the weekend.

Baryaruha, who was 85 years, succumbed to multiple ailments, including blood pressure and cancer, from Mulago Hospital last week. 
The President also urged Ugandans to continue observing the Ministry of Health standard operating procedures (SoPs) to contain the spread of Covid-19.
“It is bad to find that there are people who still behave as if there is no Covid, moving around without masks. I hear that there are those who still go to bars,” Mr Museveni said.

Police have on several occasions arrested revellers in bars for violating SoPs.
Bishop Johnson Twinomujuni of West Ankole said the diocese had lost a great pillar in Baryaruha.
“He has helped in the success of many projects in Ankole Diocese such as building of churches,”  Bishop Twinomujuni said. 

He added that the deceased built St Paul Kyeitembe Church of Uganda in Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality.
Bishop Twinomujuni urged believers to live a legacy that honors God and benefits mankind. 
He said people who have developed financially should elevate their communities. “As believers, we need to live behind a legacy that honors God and mankind too. People who are financially well off should transform their communities economically and socially if they are to be blessed well in heaven,” Bishop Twinomujuni said.

Family man
Mr Marvin Baryaruha, the deceased’s eldest son, described his father as a family man, who was passionate about education.
“Our father was so loving and down to earth, passionate about education and his God, and this was evidenced when he single handedly built St Paul Kyeitembe Church of Uganda,” Mr Baryaruha said. 
The former Minister for Education, Mr Amanya Mushega, told mourners that the late Baryaruha inspired many people in the greater Bushenyi region to educate their children and join politics.


“As a region, we have lost an educationalist that inspired many parents to educate their children because he was the first to have a degree, which inspired many. Many decided to join politics and business because he lived an exemplary life,” Mr Mushega said.
 The late Baryaruha is survived by a widow, Ms Edna Kentaro Keisho Baryaruha, and three children.

Who was baryaruha?

Born in 1936 in the current Kyeitembe ward in Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality, the Baryaruha went to Ruyonza school in 1941, Mbarara High School and Nyakasura School. In 1959, he proceeded to the Royal Technical College in Nairobi, Kenya.In 1961 he graduated from Boston University with Bachelor’s of Science in Economics. He completed his Masters in Economics at the University of Champagne Urban Illinois in the US. He later joined the East African Railways from 1968 to 1970, and Uganda Development Corporation as executive director until he fled to exile in 1977. In 1979, he was appointed Minister of Industry in Uganda National Liberation