Govt explains quick recovery Covid-19 patients

The government has attributed quick recovery of Covid-19 patients to psychological preparedness among infected people, skilled health workers and excellent treatment regime.

The country has recorded 705 cases and 299 recoveries of Covid-19 as of Monday. Critics, however, say significant recoveries started being reported after President Museveni’s address to the nation last week.

Dr Joyce Moriku Kaducu, the State minister for Primary Healthcare, said designated hospitals are getting empty as more patients will be discharged this week.

“We should thank God. Our initial measures were in prevention, exercising and strengthening immunity. By the time the virus attacked, we had worked on the mindset of many people,” she said on Monday.

Dr Moriku also said the general immunity of Ugandans, just like of other Africans, is stronger than that of Europeans.

She said measures such as closing schools and public transport gave government enough time to prepare for the Covid-19 fight.

“The ministry has expanded spaces in regional referral hospitals to manage coronavirus patients and also trained more health workers,” she said.

The minister also said the treatment regime government has adopted had yielded fruits. “Our case management team is well skilled. They researched on how other countries have managed their cases and got what would work best for us,” she said.

On vigilance and quick response, Ms Kaducu said if a patients are managed at an early stage, chances of quick recovery are high.

Death rate of Covid-19 patients in Africa is 2.4 per cent compared 6 per cent in Europe.