Govt to block essential workers without electronic travel permits

Monday June 28 2021

Traffic police officers removed fake stickers from vehicles during an operation in Kampala last year. Unlike the first lockdown when stickers were printed and placed on vehicles, the ministry is this time issuing electronic permits to essential categories. PHOTO | ABUBAKER LUBOWA

By Damali Mukhaye

Essential workers without electronic permits issued by the Ministry of Works and Transport will not be allowed on the roads today.

The Nakawa Deputy Resident City Commissioner (RCC), Mr Anderson Burora, yesterday told journalists that most essential workers who applied for permits have been approved by the Works ministry and these are the only ones who will be allowed on the roads.

Mr Hudu, however, said those who have been cleared should respect the curfew deadline.

The media, health workers and security personnel are the only categories allowed to move beyond the curfew time that was recently pulled back to between 7pm and 5:30am.

 “Now that the ministry of Works has issued clearances to certain cars, we wanted to make some clearances on those cars. Those with permits will not be exempt from the curfew deadline,” Mr Burora said.

 The Kampala RCC, Mr Hussein Hudu, yesterday told Daily Monitor that enforcement takes effect today.


Mr Hudu said with the electronic permits, a person just presents his or her particulars to the security person and their registration status appears with one message check.

With the new electronic permits, there won’t be a need for stickers like it was during the first lockdown last year.

 “Essential workers were announced by the government and these permits will tell who has been on the road illegally. Only these are going to be allowed to operate,” Mr Hudu said.

Ministry of Works officials last week reported that more than 1 million people had applied for travel permits.

Mr Hudu said for essential workers who applied for permits but their requests are still pending they can request for temporary ones from the RDCs offices.

We could not get a comment from the Works ministry to establish how many people had been cleared as our repeated calls went unanswered.