I’ll continue preaching financial liberation - Kabuleta

Wednesday January 27 2021

Former presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta says Uganda much more needs financial liberation, including at a 'personal level''. PHOTO/FILE.

By Elizabeth Kamurungi

Former presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta has said he will continue to preach the message of financial liberation, despite the loss he suffered in the January 14 election. 

 In his maiden address since Election Day, Mr Kabuleta on Tuesday said he knew he would not raise the 50 per cent of the vote required to win the slot for presidency but rather had an economic agenda for politics of the country.

"My journey has just started, it did not end on January 14. I came with a purpose and there will be no resting until I accomplish the task,” said Mr Kabuleta who ran his campaign on pledges of improving the economic welfare of Ugandans.

He added: There are people who wanted to listen to me because of the message and not necessarily to vote for me .I want to awaken the people to something. I am not bound by the EC calendar. If people want to listen to me, I have fuel in my car and I have my mouth and my brains and the whole country before me. I am going to go and educate people about standing up for their economic rights because there are no rights without them. Political liberation is important but financial liberation is more important." 

According to Kabuleta, political liberation is only possible after people are economically empowered not to sell their votes to politicians who offer peanuts in bribes.

"The message has just started and I am going to push this financial liberation message because when someone takes away your financial freedom, you cannot do anything. Some people from my village were bought off with sugar and soap.”


“We have to educate the electorate. How can you give away five years for sugar?"

 Kabuleta however said he would not accept to serve in the current government.

"In this Museveni government, no. Even if it is vice president. The only capacity I can serve is president. I cannot work with these thieves, I am a man of integrity. There are very many people who joined this government with good intentions and I know how they ended up,"

He says president elect Yoweri Museveni makes offers to put people in a position where they are dependent on him and therefore afraid of holding him accountable.

‘Cooked results’

In his remarks, Kabuleta, with no evidence, except what he says were correspondences by his agents said all the results announced by EC Chairperson were not a reflection of the people’s choice. 

"I do not believe that Museveni got 50 per cent or even close to that for him to be declared winner. My agents have come from up country with declaration forms and when you tally a number of them, I am sure he did not raise 50 per cent," he said.

According to Kabuleta, the need to educate Ugandans as stakeholders in their country is imminent in avoiding a repeat of a dictatorship even after President Museveni's reign.