I was God sent to stand for presidency – Kabuleta

Sunday November 29 2020

Independent presidential candidate Mr Joseph Kabuleta says Uganda can only be liberated by voting a president who is God-fearing like him and that he obtained a vision for presidency from God. PHOTO/FILE/COURTESY.

By Denis Edema

Aspiring presidential candidate Mr Joseph Kabuleta has called upon Ugandans to only vote God-fearing leaders who can rule according to God’s will rather than those who practice witchcraft.

Mr Kabuleta who presided two prayers, one at Walukuba Miracle Centre Church Jinja South East City and  Good Samaritan Church in Jinja City, Sunday, said Uganda can only be liberated by voting a president who is God fearing like him because he had vision through God.

“I was God sent to stand as a presidential candidate to liberate this country because I am God fearing and I am the solution to solve the problems people are facing,” said  Mr Kabuleta.

Mr Kabuleta promised the people of Busoga region that he would lift them out of poverty and peasantry lifestyles by- ensuring farmers get the money worth their produce without being cheated by the government-backed middle men who have since exploited the sector.

“Government backed middle men have exploited sugarcane farmers by making the profits for themselves and leaving the farmers with nothing. It’s a big problem - not only here in Busoga but also where I come from in Bunyoro. I am going to liberate the farmers from this exploitation,” Mr Kabuleta explained to the congregation.


Aspiring presidential candidate Mr Joseph Kabuleta preaching at one of the Churches in Jinja city, where he meet voters on Sunday. PHOTO/DENIS EDEMA


He said farmers are suffering because they have not been considered by the government to provide for them cooperative societies that can fix prices for their produce. Instead, they are left to look for markets themselves.

Me Kabuleta went on to say that farmers can be assisted to get good prices of their produce through entering into contracts with the buyers that can allow them to access loans in financial institutions.

On police and army brutality, Mr  Kabuleta said  police have  stopped him from meeting voters several times  but they cannot shoot him.

He also slammed security operatives for allegedly killing innocent Ugandans.

“The police have been instructed to shoot at anybody but not a presidential candidate. That, I want to avoid. You can see. They are following me wherever I go and they are seeing nothing I am doing that makes them stop me with my programs,” Mr Kabuleta remarked.