IGG asks Bobi Wine to declare armoured vehicle

KAMPALA- The Inspectorate of Government (IG) has given National Unity Platform president Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, until March 31 to explain whether his recently acquired armoured vehicle is a donation or one of his assets.
Addressing journalists and editors during a breakfast meeting yesterday, Ms Annet Twine, the director of the Leadership Code at IG, said like all other leaders, Mr Kyagulanyi, who is a political party head and a Member of Parliament, is required under Section 10 of the Leadership Code Act, to declare all his wealth.
“He still has time to make a declaration. Under section 10 of the Leadership Code, when you receive a gift in the course of your duties, you have to declare it. We shall wait until he submits his declaration and see how he explains how he got it,” she said, adding that if it is a donation, there is a provision for him to explain how he came to own and it can be verified.

Justice George Bamugemereire, the deputy IGG, said they are working closely with Parliament, to expedite the passing of the Leadership Code Tribunal Act Amendment Bill.
Justice Bamugemereire  said they are seeking amendments to the Act to give the IGG powers to prosecute, investigate and handover of cases to the Leadership Code Tribunal for hearing.

Government efforts
He added that unlike the belief that government is doing little to curb corruption, the different efforts which government has put in place to fight graft, have started bearing fruit.
“Previously, accounting officers on Friday would go to Bank of Uganda and withdraw sacks of money to distribute to politicians for the weekend. But now with automation and when the Leadership Code Amendment Bill is passed, it will be very difficult for someone to be corrupt,” he said.
Rev Fr Simon Lokodo, the Ethics minister who presided over the meeting, decried the delay by the President to appoint a substantive IGG, noting that the Deputy IGG’s term of office also expires in six months’ time.

Monitor hailed
He lauded  Daily Monitor for exposing cases of corruption, which have sometimes come to his attention.
He said unlike public servants mandated to fight graft, Daily Monitor has been able to investigate cases of corruption to the root cause. 
Yesterday, this newspaper reported how the importation of Bobi Wine’s bullet proof vehicle and its subsequent registration, has made heads roll at Uganda Revenue Authority over why they had to allow its importation and clearing.

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