Kyagulanyi promises fair share of oil wealth to Bunyoro  

Friday November 27 2020

Bobi Wine addresses a rally outside Buliisa town. Photo/Courtesy

By Andrew Mugati
By Ismail Bategeka

BULIISA/MASINDI- National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate, Mr Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine has asked the people of Buliisa District to vote him as the next president of Uganda in order for them to re-possess oil and gas  wealth in their land.

Bobi Wine who arrived at Ndandamire Primary school playground under tight security, told residents that a vote for him is a vote to save their lake [L.Alebert], land, and other resources which he said Mr Museveni and his government officials have personalised.

"If you vote well, you will be in a position to save your land in Buliisa and repossess your country," he said.

 He said that the biggest income-generating mineral resource and main source of livelihood for local people is the oil and Lake Albert has “been taken over by individuals in government”.

 He said that even the ongoing construction of roads in the area is not intended to uplift the welfare of masses but to make the transportation of crude oil from the various oil wells in the area.

"They are constructing the road [to Buliisa] not because they love you, but because they want to transport your oil," he said.  "Mr Museveni came with rebels in a deadly war to take power and made all of us slaves in our own country."


A section of voters who turned up for the rally amidst heavy deployment and threats from security personnel said they expected Bobi Wine to address the high rate of unemployment among the youth, inflation rate, high transport costs in the area among other issues.

Bullets and teargas

 However, Bobi Wine was greeted with bullets and tear gas in the neighbouring Masindi District.

 Police fired teargas to disperse his supporters at Masindi Police Station where he had been blocked him from entering Masindi town.

 Bobi Wine’s supporters were moving with him ahead of a campaign rally in Masindi town.

He was later addressed his supporters on the road side and promised to raise salaries of security forces and improve their welfare.

 He also campaigned for Mr Rogers Kanti, who is contesting to represent Masindi Municipality on the NUP ticket.