Lango ordains 21 deacons

Tuesday December 01 2020

The deacons take oath at Kungu Jubilee site, Apac District, on Sunday. PHOTO | SANTO OJOK

By Santo Ojok

Christians from all walks of life on Sunday descended on Kungu Jubilee Site in Akokoro Sub-county, Apac District, to witness the ordination of 21 Anglican deacons into priesthood.

The ordination coincided with the celebrations to mark 155 years of existence of the Anglican faith in the area.

It was the first time Kungu Jubilee Site was holding an ordination of priests in West Lango Diocese.  In the past, ordination ceremonies were held at St Janaan Luwum grounds, St Peters’ Cathedral, in Aduku Town Council in Kwania District.

Despite the bad state of roads and long distance, Christians from Dokolo, Amolatar, Oyam, Alebtong, Kole, Kwania and Lira districts arrived at Kungu Jubilee site as early as 9am. They could be seen dancing and singing as they welcomed the new priests into priesthood.

The ordination service was led by Bishop Emeritus of Bunyoro Kitara Diocese Nathan Ssemanywa, who urged the priests to offer themselves as living sacrifices.

“As you approach your priesthood, know that Jesus had wanted you specifically as an individual,” he said.


Bishop Ssemanywa also cautioned the servants of God against love for money and preaching to satisfy their own needs. “Preach from the written words; Preach what the Bible says, not what you want to say.  Do not offer parts of your body to sin,” he said.

West Lango Diocese Bishop Julius Ceasar Nina Otim called for peace during this political campaign period. He challenged the priests to preach about love and peace.