Lira starts renovating schools ahead of January reopening

Thursday October 14 2021

This picture taken on August 19, 2021 shows dilapidated classrooms at Punuatar Primary School, Nambieso Sub-county in Kwania District. Lira District has embarked on rehabilitating their schools ahead of January reopening. PHOTO | BILL OKETCH

By Bill Oketch
By Patrick Ebong

The Lira District leadership has embarked on rehabilitating some of their dilapidated schools ahead of the reopening in January 2022.

More than Shs200 million has been allotted to this cause, Daily Monitor has learnt.

For instance, four classroom blocks at Ayile Primary School in Ayami Sub-county are being renovated at a cost of Shs55.7 million. Also, renovation of two classroom blocks at Akore Primary School also in Ayami Sub-county will cost Shs53 million. 

Renovation of four classroom blocks at Akor Primary School in Ogur Sub-county will cost Shs94.6 million. Two classroom blocks at Onyakedi Primary School in Amach Town Council are also under renovation and the contractor is finishing construction of one classroom block at Ayamo Primary School in Barr Sub-county.

Mr Bonny Omara, the district vice chairperson, confirmed the development, adding that the sites have already been handed over to the contractors. 

“We are going to construct toilets at Walela, Gomi, Opem, Alebere, Ayira, Oketkwer and Wigweng primary schools,” he told Daily Monitor on Tuesday. 


He said more than 20 construction sites, which will cost about Shs1 billion, were last week handed over to local contractors who will execute the works.

The leader of government business in Lira further said they also handed over three sites for borehole construction and a production well. These projects will cost Shs 109.7 million.

The site for low cost sealing of Amach Town Council, which will cost Shs 400.2 million, was also handed over to the contractor.

Other activities to be undertaken in this financial year include renovation of general ward and construction of placenta pit at Ogur Health Centre IV, renovation of Apuce Health Centre II in Ayami Sub-county and renovation of Outpatient Department (OPD) of Aromo Health Centre III. 

However, Mr Omara warned contractors against substandard work if they are to remain in the construction business.


This is because the government has decided to give the construction work of all health facilities and schools in the country to the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) Engineering Brigade.

“I am appealing to you (local contractors) to do high quality work because the government is now giving any construction work worth over Shs 500 million in health facilities and schools to UPDF Engineering Brigade. So, this is the time to prove your worthiness,” Mr Omara said.

He warned that any company, which will do substandard work will be blacklisted and will not get any construction work in Lira District in future.

Mr Omara said a drainable toilet will be constructed at Agali and Ogur sub-county headquarters. The district is also going to construct a flush toilet at Amach and Onyakedi markets.

“We have also given out the contract of survey and titling district lands at Agweng Town Council, Amach Town Council, Abala Health Centre III, Amach Health Centre IV and all the market lands in Lira District,” Mr Omara said.

Ms Vicky Angwech, Ayami female youth councillor, appealed to the contractors to employ youth in the communities where the sites are located so that they can get some income to support themselves and their parents.

“This issue of ferrying workers including helpers from elsewhere must stop. We have our young people who are redundant and unemployed. They should be given the opportunity to work at these sites,” Ms Angwech said.

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