LISTS: Makerere releases admission lists for govt, private sponsored students 

Students check out Makerere admission list recently. PHOTO/ FILE

Makerere University has released the official lists of government and privately sponsored students for Academic year 2022/2023.
A total number of 1,440 students has been admitted at the university on different programmes science and technology courses topping the list.
 Medicine and surgery take the lead for government sponsorship with a total of 73 students, followed by bachelor of science with education biological (56), Bachelor of science with education physical (56), bachelor of commerce (46), Business administration(44)BSC Electrical Engineering (42), Bachelors in agriculture(38) Business computing (37), Mechanical engineering(37)  and Bachelor of science with education economics.

Other programs include; BSC entrepreneurship and small (30) business management(30), bachelor of business administration(18), Agricultural engineering(18), bachelor of agribusiness management(13), architecture(18), Bachelors in animal and production and tech management(8), Bachelor of agricultural and rural innovation(13), Bachelor of science in Biomedical engineering(14), BSC Bio processing engineering (5),  bachelor of science in technology(7).
Other programs programed include; BSC conservation biology (8), (13) drama and films (13), Dental surgery(14), Environment health(7), Bachelor of fine art(15), fishery and aquaculture(7), Bachelor of geographical science(8), Industrial chemistry(18).

 bachelor of applied art and design(15), BSC medical Radiography(10), BSC forestry(23),  BSC petroleum Geoscience and production(8),  BSC population studies(12), bachelor of optometry(8),  bachelor of quantitative economics(13),  speech and language therapy(8), sports science(9), software engineering(21), tourism and hospitality management(14), water and irrigation engineering(9),  bachelor of cytotechnologiy (14),  bachelor of commerce(19),  computer science(19),  BA in economics(24), bachelor of arts with education(22), food science and technology(19),bachelor of science in human Nutrition(20),  information system and technology(18),  library and information science(23), land surveying and geometrics(24).
8 biomedical laboratory tech(8), BA in music(13), BSC Nursing(8), bachelor of pharmacy(18) BSC  Actuarial Science(18), Bachelor of science – biological(22, bachelor of science – physical(22), bachelor of science – economics(10), BSC land economics(24), social work(26), quantity surveying(23), bachelor of statistics(25), veterinary medicine(26), bachelor of laws(34), international business(29), office and information management(28) leisure and hospitality management(18), and Bachelor of procurement and supply chain management(27).
The list of government sponsored students is composed of students who sat their Uganda advanced certificate of education in 2020, 2019, and 2018. 

All students who were unable to join university during the Covcid-19 induced lockdown were invited to apply for this academic year. In July, Makerere University asked more than 4,000 continuing students in all public universities who sat for their ‘A’ Level in 2019 and 2020 to apply for government sponsorship this academic year 2022/2023. 
Makerere University is expected to open for another academic year on October 1, 2022.